Ascension and Clearing Karma

People seem interested in the topic of karma and how one can achieve karmic clearing, with some claiming that karmic clearing is a prerequisite for Ascension. For example, Richard Presser (a channel for "Father God," Jesus, and others) has stated that if you wish to participate in the opportunity that Ascension is, you need to clear all of your past life negative karma. However, there is much confusion circulating on the Internet on karma and karmic clearing. This article attempts to clear up some of that confusion.

It sort of makes sense that Ascension and karmic clearing are related, doesn't it? But it isn't that you need to have your karma cleared for you so that you then have the right or the ability to ascend. It's that raising (ascending) your consciousness (by gaining the perspective of your higher self) will clear your karma. In other words, understanding on a conscious level what your higher self knows about you, your purpose and your life plan, automatically clears your karma.

So don't go out looking for someone to clear your karma for you. Instead, do the work of raising your consciousness. To raise your consciousness (to ascend in consciousness), reconnect and integrate with your higher self.

Furthermore, Richard Presser has claimed that because he and others he knows have been trying to clear their karmic energies for the past "15 to 20 years, seemingly without an end in sight," that it can't be done, and that it won't happen for humanity in the slightly more than two years we have left before the end times--without some sort of outer intervention. He claims that we need beings in the other realms to do it for us, beings who have bestowed upon him and his partner Carolyn a "karmic clearing and rejuvenation command" that will clear your karma for you in less than 10 minutes--and in groups, too.

My response to this claim is: No one can clear your karma for you. (Besides, you will be your own worst judge.)

You clear your own karma by making sense of your life story, by understanding it from your higher self's perspective, from the divine perspective. (This is why reconnecting to that divine part of you is important. Anyway, I think we are done with the "priesthood" playing the role of interveners.)

Richard Presser also says that other so-called channeled sources encourage little in the form of specific actions that will help us prepare for 2012 and what is happening on this planet right now. (This is true, by the way, and it's because they wouldn't know the specifics of something that hasn't happened yet anywhere in the universe anyway.)

Richard Presser says, "There are messages about our space brothers and sisters coming and saving us," but "such action will simply reinforce the dependency that humanity has developed upon others to guide them when in truth, the key aspect of the the reclaiming of the mastery that we all have, the true spiritual greatness and ability that we all possess when we are not within this restricted form of consciousness." (Emphasis mine.)

Right on, Richard! So then why would you need someone else to do a "karmic clearing and rejuvenation command" for you to ascend? You simply need to ascend your consciousness by cultivating a relationship with your higher self--which is also how you gain your mastery.

Actually, all you need is an example of someone who has already done this. You need to know 1.) that it can be done, 2.) how it can be done, and 3.) to follow their lead. Sort of like the 100th monkey idea: One monkey does it, and shares with the others how she did it. Then the others follow, until sooner or later, all the monkeys are doing it.

The first monkey doesn't do it for you; she just shares how she did it. Because then the other monkeys will have the experience of raising themselves up; they will know that they did it themselves. (Which make all the difference.)

Lastly, Richard claims that since the lower energies will not survive the shift into the higher dimensions, it implies that those whose bodies contain the "lower energies" will not survive. But what this simply means is that when confronted by higher consciousness, lower consciousness simply dissolves. (When you get it, your old, false beliefs simply dissolve.) It does not mean that your body is going to "vibrate apart" (explode?) or anything like that. (Give me a break.)

I agree with Richard that right now is a time for action, not for complacency. But the action that is called for is reconnecting and integrating with your higher self, not someone else intervening on your behalf. Reconnecting and integrating with your higher self is how ascension and karmic clearing are achieved.

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