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A human body and mind is connected to each other. The mind-body is a part of the universe and everything within it. You could also say that the mind-body is connected to source, spirit, or god. It's amazing if you really think about it. Once you start to explore the mind-body connection you will begin a fascinating journey of self discovery.

The following sections will shed some insight into the various ways in which the mind-body connection works together, and how you can use it to heal, improve your life, achieve your goals, and bring you a better understanding and realization of the spirit that underlies all things.

The Brain and Brain Waves

the human brain The human brain is a very complex and amazing organ. Your brain is capable of storing vast amounts of information, ideas, and memories, it interprets and processes thoughts and emotions, and it shapes your dreams and imagination. The brain/mind is interconnected to all of the internal and exernal fuctions and processes of the physical body.

The mind is connected to the body on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Everything that is perceived and experienced is processed as electrochemical signals in the brain. These electrical impulses are known as brain waves. We cycle through several different types of brain waves. By becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings that produce specific brain waves you can in turn effect your mind and body.

Sleep and Dreams

sleeping An important mind-body connection is sleep. There are many different types, conditions, and methods of sleep such as polyphasic sleep, sleeping disorders, and REM sleep. Humans and animals spend a large percentage of their lives sleeping. Discover how sleep (or lack of it) can effect the body and how you can get the most of your sleep time.

dreaming When we think of sleep we think about dreams. When we journey into the subconscious dream realm, we explore the surreality that is beyond the physical and material world that we live in. Your dreams and visions can be used as tool for self-exploration and even self-healing. Dreams also have symbolic meanings which can be interpreted and used to solve problems while we are awake. You can even learn how to become aware of and in control of the dream as it is taking place.

Lucid Dreaming is a unique (and fun!) way to use your dreams to your benefit.
A lucid dream is a dream in which the person is aware that he or she is dreaming while the dream is in progress, also known as a conscious dream. Wherever the mind goes, the dream body will follow.

Similar to how the dream body-mind explores the inner/mental dream realm, Astral Projection can take the consciousness outside of time and space so you can explore the astral/emotional realms. The experience is like having a very vivid lucid dream, an Out of Body experience, or Remote Viewing with a twist.

The Minds Eye

cosmic eye Wherever the body goes while we are awake, the mind will follow. You take your thoughts, visions, daydreams, and imagination with you everywhere you go. But there are things we can do in dreams that are not so easy to do in waking reality because we are limited by matter. One thing you can learn to control is your thoughts, and your free-will. Your thoughts can effect your emotions, and your physical body. Your physical body can have an effect on other people and the material world around you. Your thoughts effect your reality in many ways. Images are a powerful tool to bring about these changes.

Guided Imagery/Creative Visualization refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world via changing one's thoughts. Creative Visualization is the basic technique underlying positive thinking.


visualization The mind-body connection is an essential part of Meditation. Meditation can help you to relax your body, releasing it from stress and tension, and it helps clear your mind of the clutter that can sometimes confuse and overwhelm you. Meditation is also an excellent tool for self-exploration because it can help you to become more aware of and open to spirituality, and of course the spirit world beyond the physical.

Discover the peace and serenity, self awareness and exploration of universal love and light through Meditation. Learn what it is and how to use it. There are many different meditation techniques and methods for relaxation,stress relief and self and spiritual exploration.

For more information about the mind-body connection and other alternative healing practices like Yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts please visit the Holistic Health section.

Deep meditation can also help you prepare for more advanced mind-body experiences such as Astral Projection

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Energy and The Mind-Body

the human chakra energy system Everything in the universe is connected by energy. This energy permeates everything there is including your body. This energy field that surrounds the body (and even plants, animals, and objects) is called the aura . Some spiritually advanced people are able to see or sense the aura. The aura is somewhat like an energetic snapshot of your emotional and mental self at any given moment. You can also learn to view and work with these energies.

The body contains several major energy points that correspond to different organs and functions in the body, symbols, sounds, and colors. These important energy points are called the The Chakras. Once you become aware of these colorful energy points within your body, you can open up your awareness to a whole new level of consciousness. You can heal the body of dis-ease and emotional problems through learning about the locations and functions of the chakras and techiniques for working with them.

Dimensions and the Mind-Body

the astral body When the physical body dies, the "you" that is "really you" continues to exist. This "true self" is often called the soul or spirit and it uses the body-mind vehicle to navigate on the physical plane. But the soul does not need a physical body to travel beyond this point. You can travel beyond the physical realms and explore the astral level of existence by using the astral body as a vehicle. Similar to how you use your dream body-mind in a lucid dream.

Astral Projection involves one's soul/astral body leaving the physical body and traveling spiritually. This is similar to an out-of-body experience, or a very vivid lucid dream only it can be reached at will through intense meditation and practice.

This is not the same as physical death, because an aspect of the soul is always connected to the body while astral traveling. By taking a step outside of time and space you can explore the inner and outer worlds of consciousness on the astral plane.

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