The Ascension and Spiritual Awakening

Informative and inspirational articles, inportant information, as well as tips and advice concerning all aspects of the ascension process, the spiritual awakening on earth and the expansion of consciousness.

Introduction To The Ascension Experience
You may have already formed a view of what Ascension is or is not. Your heart will guide you and tell you if this is right for you or not. Ascension is the final step that will lead you out of a limited and third dimensional consciousness into the world of 5D reality.

What Is Ascension and How to Ascend
How to ascend? By reconnecting and integrating with your higher self. When you reconnect and integrate with your higher self, you're reconnecting to that part of you that chose and planned this Earth experience

The Art of Ascension
The Art of Ascension is a series of simple, easy, and highly effective techniques for the expansion of Consciousness. These techniques, called Ascension Attitudes, naturally and effortlessly move the mind from the surface to the deepest level of Consciousness

Ascension and the Ego
The Ascension process or experience involves the expansion of one's awareness. If the ego is allowed to take over one's mind then it will cause one awareness to contract which will result in a block or setback in the ascension process. There are a few ways that we can tell if the ego is taking over or causing problems on our path towards ascension.

Earth Changes & The Ascension
Natural disasters are at an ever increasing and alarming rate, all over the world. It can not be ignored. These are the times that prophets of the past have spoken and written about. The scientists of our own day and age confirm that there is indeed changes taking place on our planet, and beyond. There are changes taking place in the universe and the conscioussness of humanity is starting to take notice.

Successful Manifesting in the Ascension Energy
No matter how much time and attention she gave her guided visualizations, self hypnosis and other manifesting techniques Myrna still ended up right where she is.Finally a spiritual friend of hers suggested she try FLOW, a new way to manifest for the energies of the Ascension.

Spiritual Ascension And Better Living
We are about to enter the age of the 5th dimension of awakening and the process to get us to that place is called spiritual ascension. If we embrace it we will find that spiritual ascension brings with it better living.

Ascension and Clearing Karma
People seem interested in the topic of karma and how one can achieve karmic clearing, with some claiming that karmic clearing is a prerequisite for Ascension.

World Ascension
Ascension is a two-fold process. In order for a species to fully join the spiritual realms, ascension must happen both on an individual level and for the whole society in which it lives. The spiritual and evolutionary processes are permanently connected.

The New Ascension Energies
2012 has come and gone but the ascension energies are here to stay. This new ascension energy brings with it many new exicting opportunities for humanity. The energy of the ascension is ushering the planet into a higher frequency and rapidly shifting the vibration of humanity into a higher more expanded level of conscious awareness.

Signs of A Spiritual Awakening
10 of the most Common signs and symtoms of spiritual awakening and how to know if you are experiencing symptoms of the spiritual ascension process.

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