The New Ascension Energies

2012 has come and gone but the ascension energies are here to stay. This new ascension energy brings with it many new exicting opportunities for humanity. The energy of the ascension is ushering the planet into a higher frequency and rapidly shifting the vibration of humanity into a higher more expanded level of conscious awareness.

Many of us are using this new found energy to begin living out our true soul purpose on the planet, and really living life to its fullest. The new crystal and indigo children that are incarnating in greater numbers at this time are benefiting from this new energy in a profound way, and nurturing our Indigo and Crystal children with positive values can be a wonderful way to help shift the new generation of humanity to a higher vibration. Lightworkers from all over the world, along with the the Starseeded individuals, are all doing their share to help the planet and humanity in many ways. One way you can help to raise the vibration of humanity is by uplifting other people and doing what you can to help out in your community. We are all in this together. The new ascension energies can sometimes be a bit challenging, especially for those who are still operating in ego consciousness, and so helping to spread the love and light of higher awareness to others can help the planet and all of humanity.

Lightworkers and those who are more developed in their psychic or empathic abilities are mostly excited about these new ascension energies, even though they can be challenging, because these energies are serving the purpose of uplifting humanity as a whole.

There is a Lightworkers Code that states one should do no harm to any other living being, including animals. One may shine the light wherever they go making it easier for their fellow humans to live a life of true value and happiness. It is essential for us all to be more in control of the ego and negative emotions such as anger, frustration or worry. We must learn to understand how these negative emotions are not contributing very much to life--except to act as lessons to help us grow from time to time, but often in a very uncomfortable or painful way. Negative emotions are much easier to deal with and overcome when one is in touch with the presence of their own light within themselves.

The very presence of the Lightworkers on the planet is to baeacon of love, light and hope for others to help energetically assist them in finding their own light and to raise their vibration, which in turn spreads out to help others like a domino effect. As a result, the entire vibration of the planet becomes lighter. Just being around a lightworker energy is uplifting in itself, and the lightworkers really can help to bring new energetic 'life' to others and to the planet. The uplifting energies of those who are dedicated to raising their own vibration and spreading light and love to others can help to make the ascension transition much easier to handle for anyone around them.

Psychics, or those who are highly empathic are able to view the aura around Lightworkers and observe amazing energies and bright colors of gold, purple and deep sea blue. These are celestial colors that vibrate at a high frequency and can be felt and seen. The energy around anyone who is holding a higher vibration of love and light is extremely uplifting and cleansing.

As the Ascension process unfolds, more intense energies are streaming onto the planet. It becomes more essential than ever to raise one's mental state of consciousness to a deeper and greater awareness. Now is the time to become more accustomed to sensing and reading the different types of energies around us, we do this, we get more in touch with our own 'inner' energy and we begin to truly understand what really drives our actions, both positive and negative, and the actions of others around us.

As we continue to work on our own spiritual self-development by raising our own vibration we start to have more energy to use in the outside world, and as our awareness expands we begin to take notice of all the beauty of nature in the world around us. During the ascension process, it's important to create balance within one's life. The key is to match the inner energy inside of us with the outer world. For some, if may feel like walking a tightrope. It can be challenging at times but more and more of us are waking up and beginning to understand that the outside worls is merely a reflection of the inner world that we all carry within ourselves. We must start to 'be the change' that we wish to see manifested in the outside world.

The outside world with all of its conflicts and difficulties will gradually begin to melt away as humanity ascends on a collective level. But every single person can energetically contribute to this by raising their own personal vibration and uplifting the energy of those around them.

Noone is completely alone in this process because we are all experiencing the challenges that come with ascension transition to various degrees. We are all a part of the world, connected to one another, and we are all experiencing this collective reality, with all of its current challenges, together. The collective karma that is being experienced by much of humanity is part of the challenges. This feeling will not last forever as more of the new energies begin streaming onto the planet and into the hearts and minds of humanity. Soon, there will be so much energy that is of a higher frequency of love and light that this planet will only be able to support joy, creativity and expansion of all the good and cherished values that have kept humanity going through all of the darkness of the past.

This is a very special time of the ascension. It's important that you keep your thoughts pure, for thoughts are energies that also contribute to the energy of the outside world. Taking the time to meditate on a daily basis has tremendous benefits during this time. Also, creating more positive energy through kind and noble acts is another way to help assist the planet and other people during this time. Keep your head up because the best is yet to come and you can be assured that your positive energy IS making a difference in this world.

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