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The 11:11 and the number 11 is appearing to thousands of people around the world in strange and synchronistic ways. Many are also seeing other repeating number sequences such as 111, 333, 444, 1212 and so on. The numbers show up in interesting and unsual ways, in the most unexpected places and often appearing at just the right time to get one's attention. When this happens to someone frequently they begin to question what the numbers mean and why the phenomenon is occuring in their life. It becomes more than just a coincidence; it becomes an experience.

There are many theories about what these number synchronicities might mean and represent, but the 11:11 means something different to everyone. Although these experiences have many things in common, they are also very unique and personal to each individual.Explore these unique 11:11 experiences that were submitted to this website by people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

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11:11 experiences Experience: I've been having the 11's experience for at least 15 years. I have been looking at the clock on a daily basis at 1:11 and 11:11 on and off. I lived at the street address 111 in New York City, then I rented an artist's loft at 111 First Street. Then I bought a house at number 11. For years, I didn't notice. Then I got really sick at the 11 address, and was seeing 1:11 and 11:11 everywhere. My first reaction was that 11's were really bad luck. I tried to avoid this number. Eventually, I sold my house (for reasons other than the 11) and moved to a non-11 address. I tried to avoid flying on 11 dates.

One day I accidentally took a plane on an 11 day and nothing bad happened. I was continuing to see 11:11, and soon after that I decided I would try to embrace the 11 as part of my karma. It dawned on me that this number seems to be connected to some sort of spiritual-psychological collective unconscious.

I think maybe this is happening because modern western capitalist culture is blocking expression of the force of collective human love. This is causing extreme suffering in all kinds of people -- people from all walks of life, spanning the whole gamut of income, life experience, ethnicity, etc. Our conditioning makes us limit our own experience to an obsession with a fictitious "individual" self and prevents us from connecting with this greater love. But it exists without boundaries as one of the primordial states of human emotion. To put it simply, it is the sense of solidarity between people. Perhaps 11:11 is a discreet way of moving us all in the direction of reuniting with this part of human experience. It really seems like it, reading all the moving experiences people have posted here.

Name: RLS
Location: New York

11:11 experiences Experience: I have received two sets of 11 stitches to the index finger of my left hand! Prior to both I was given recurring dreams and saw 1111 continually. During the second instance I realized that I had a choice to stop what I was doing or to continue. Faith and fate combined and with trust I received an "11" shaped scar that took 11 stiches to close. A hatchet went through my finger longitudinally causing only superficial damage while solidifying my faith in Universal Love. We are One! All life is part of us! Time is one! Fear is gone because the One who guides is Love.

Name: ecyov atsuj
Location: N.B. Canada

11:11 experiences Experience: At the age of about 13, I began to see 11s repeated on the clock. For about a month almost every time and I mean almost every time I looked at clock it would be something 11. Like it would be 1:11pm then the next 7:11pm then the next day 10:11am. I couldn't explain it, I tried to ignore it or force it but every time I forced it, it didn't work. It was every time I wasn't thinking about it. Some times just noticing the clock as I walked by. I thought - maybe my body is on timer or maybe I'm seeing but it's not really there. When it lasted for so long, it was defiantly mysterious, something I couldn't explain and real.

Most people see 11:11pm a lot. My experience was a little different because it has now come back at the age of 24. That is why I am on this site.

Name: Joy
Location: USA

11:11 experiences Experience: I have been seeing 11:11, since I was 15 years old. Everywhere, on clocks, in prices at the checkout, in cashier register numbers, on my cards, in my car, absolutely everywhere, everyday, for 12 years. When I was 16, my mind opened up to what I would like to think is a third demensional world. Since then, I have had unseemingly good luck, almost like I am being protected by a force higher than what man knows to be god. I see the world in a third dimension, I am not crazy, I am very sane, and honestly, very smart in a very different way. Things for me are in a whole different light and have been my whole life. I believe its the universe, and I do believe its a calling, possibly I am an old soul, but I know that its definitely spiritual and way beyond what the average human eye can comprehend. Not sure what my purpose is, but I certainly know that I have a higher purpose and ma a big part of a higher power.

Name: Aspen Thrasher
Location: Colorodo

11:11 experiences Experience: Im 23 years now, have seen 11:11 and 4:44 since early school years, thought it was funny and weird, just laughed about it and made fun about it, not realizing what it means. Curiosity made me google 444, means angels are surrounding you, you have nothing to worry about, they are with you and they will help you in times of trouble. 1111 seems like it's also some message for us about peace or something like that, so glad I found this site. I am a person who wants peace and righteousness, this is my personality, also since birth I have had a connection with God and Exited about the bible and the history. Thanks Guys. O' I was also born in November (11th Month)

Name: ME
Location: SA

11:11 experiences Experience: I don't know how I found these websites tonight, and this is so weird that I did! I thought I was the only person this was happening to. I didn't really pay attention to when all this starting happening, but I know it's been about a year I think, but I have been seeing crosses everywhere since before 2008. Now the numbers have gotten really strong and all the time. I can't sleep at night sometimes, so I see triple digits all night long, and 11:11, and 12:12 all the time! I'm telling you every single day! I know this means something and I believe God is trying to tell me something.

I have taught "end times" for many years and have studied much about the Lord's return. I also read "Rapture Ready" and "Prophecy Update" everyday. I do not believe we have much time left on earth here. Not only that, but I had a prophectic dream about a week ago showing me the rapture and part of heaven. I was reading earlier that these people who are having this "phenomenon" call themselves "lightworkers". Well the Lord told me in this dream that He called me His little worker". He is the Light though, so I am His lightworker. We are to let our light shine, as He says in His word.

I believe these numbers are a countdown of things to come. The Lord in heaven uses these triple digit numbers as messages of divine implementation if you study bibical numerology. Using 3 digits of the same number means divine work. That is why 333 means the trinity, 777 is heaven, and so forth.

I have been told by quite a few people with the prophetic gift, that I had a special abilility concerning my gift of 'end time study". I believe that the Lord is showing these numbers to me and the crosses for a BIG reason! I just didn't know anyone else was having the number things going on with them. It is to my amazing find, that a lot of people is seeing this same thing. I have been told in prophetic words that God has set certain people aside, especially for these end times, and these people have a special calling and has been appointed to these days. So I would say, pray, listen for God to speek, seek His face, and be really in all seasons for the job He has for us! I still can't believe I found this site! It blew me away! Study bibical numerology and know what each number means!

Name: Diane
Location: Ga. USA

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