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11:11 experiences Embracing The Aquarian Age

Experience: 11:11 and 22:22 (constantly) The only fear I get is not being able to be sufficiently open- hearted to accept it when it comes. Because it is calling Our collective attention. Pisces Era is finished. Let us embrace Aquarius with open heart and fearless. Let us accept it is time to move on our evolution spiritual path. Let us accept our own Light. Pay attention to the news.. too many 11's are happening and time- gap between them is getting slimmer and slimmer.. Bless You ALL, for you will be fortunate to SEE what's heading our way.
May the Cosmo enlight your way back home..

Name: Patricia
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

11:11 experiences A Premonition Of Impending Disaster

Experience: A Thanksgiving Day Inspiration
by G. H. Cadwell III

I already told part of this to Kevin and Earl before our little transformer oil fandango on 11/24/10 so I have witnesses. Much earlier that morning when I was trying to sleep, I did one of those 'eyes pop open wide awake' things. I looked at the clock and it displayed 1:11 am. I fell back to sleep and it happened again; the clock read 2:22 am. I awoke a third time and yes; it was 3:33 am. I remember thinking prior to drifting off the last time, ?Well at least there is no 6:66 am.?

I woke up for real to get ready for work at 4:15 am. The first thing I do in the morning is let the dogs out, then I put on the coffee pot. I remembered the three wake ups and the clock when I saw the digits on the coffee pot. I said to myself, Something or someone was trying to give you some kind of a warning there.?

Lloyd, who questions everything I say would ask, Why did you say that to yourself? I would answer, because it was an alarm clock.

While the dogs are outside, I feed my daughter's cat that lives in my garage. The cat lives there and must be fed at that time because the dogs hate it. I opened the door to the garage and the stupid cat, or maybe not stupid, or maybe not the cat, had knocked over a can of old paint. There was a small puddle of congealing goo on the garage floor right at the entry. I stepped in the mess with my bare foot. The cat also ran through the paint and then into the house tracking its little beige paws prints across the tile.

I could already see what kind of day this was going to be as I hopped on my left foot to get a paper towel to wipe off the bottom of my right foot. After I cleaned most of the muck from my sole, I found an old towel and wiped up the paint from the garage floor. I also tried to wipe up the paw prints that hadn?t already dried. When I was done, I set the towel on top of the recycle trash container in the garage because my other trash cans were still outside from Monday.

I put the cat, with its food and water, back in the garage. I let the dogs in and got them fed. I looked at the oven clock unintentionally and it displayed 4:44 am. I said to myself that that clock is not an alarm clock, but then I remembered it makes a beeping noise when set, after a certain amount of cook time has expired.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and headed for the bathroom to get ready. As I walked through the bedroom on the way, I looked at the real alarm clock; it was reading 4:44 am.

I somehow managed not to fall and kill myself while taking my shower. I made it through the rest of my morning ritual without incident. Well, a vitamin pill did get stuck in my throat, but I got it down with the fifth slug of coffee; better than having choked.

The last activity I perform before leaving for work is walking the dogs. Letting them out to the fenced yard is not good enough for them, they want the additional fifteen minutes of comradery. The first walk is Duke and Shadow. As we came back down our road in the direction of the house, I saw the recycle garbage truck turn into the cul-de-sac up the street from mine. I tried to get the dogs to move faster as I recalled the container was still in the garage. They both ran off on a different tangent nearly ripping my arms from their sockets; this is a common occurrence so it didn't count as peculiar to that morning. I got them back to the front door as the truck turned into my street.

I ran through the house to the garage to get the recycle trash. I flung up the garage door with my eyes on the cat. I had to warn the cat to stay inside so it wouldn?t run off and become lost in the darkness outside by stomping my foot; what was I thinking? Out of the corner of my eye, I grabbed the towel from the top of the recycle container to put it in one of the garbage cans right outside the open garage door. The towel, as you would guess, was wet paint side up so my hand got coated. I found enough discipline not to wipe my hand on my shirt. I smeared most of the paint from my hand to the clean side of the towel. I dragged the recycle trash outside, closed the door without letting the cat out and made it to the street just ahead of the oncoming truck; something that sort of went right.

I took Titan for his walk without incident. I drove to work without an accident or speeding ticket. I meant to check my location at 5:55 am, but I forgot because there was a good song on the radio. I figured at that point that maybe I was going to make it clean through the rest of the day most particularly because I hadn't strangled myself with Vitamin C.

At around 11:11 am (not sure because I didn't look, but if not, it was close so it counts), Berry Foster called and told me,? It looks like we have spilled diesel fuel on the North Berm by Fire House #6. It turned out that it was transformer oil, but it's all bad juju to a wood duck.

One of my lingering memories on my arrival at the oil spill scene was an Engineer, who remains nameless and still oblivious, walking through a puddle of oil that was spilled across the safe walk path as she strolled to the Rusty Building. I did not correlate the oily, size one footprints that tracked down the green pathway behind her to the cat's paw prints until I got home that night. When I saw the remnants of the paint on the tile by the garage entry I got an adrenaline rush; brushed by an angel?

The moral of this story is that when your guardian provides a premonition of impending disaster pull the plug on your alarm clock, get back in bed and let Kevin Farris be in charge of the oil spill cleanup. Don't be hard headed; take a hint.

In retrospect, it is extremely awesome when a protector wakes you to that higher consciousness and reminds you beyond any reasonable cause for disbelief that angels are daily trying to guide us; when we are willing to open our eyes and listen.

Name: George Cadwell
Location:Fl, USA

11:11 experiences Rapid Spiritual Advancement

Experience: Hello, I too would like to know more about this. I've read the other comments with interest and I hope you find this one of interest.
I'm 57 and have been seeing this 11:11 for 2-3 years now. I've had numerous other unusual experiences but I'm not going into all of them. Coincidentilly ( or maybe not so ) I started reading a lot of books about spiritualty at about the time this started happening. I first started paying attention to this at my parents home. My father is nearing the end of his life and I thought maybe it was some sort of eminent warning about his death. Then I started noticing it more; eleswhere. I too, got the feeling it meant something. It is kind of spooky how often it will happen. Like when you wake up at night and walk in the kitchen and its 1:11 and this just keeps happening.

I sent an e-mail to a famous person who has written of his outdoor & spiritual adventures but his associate said he didn't know anything. Now I think he just didn't want to get involved. Then I learned on another forum that those who let's say focus on angels believe that the angels are taking a snapshot of your thoughts at this moment and that other number sequences are also significant and this is how angels communicate with us.
I do believe in angels and I do pray often and I do believe they are being answered. Mostly when I pray for others. I've also become aquainted with the law of attraction and am seeing this manifest as well. I don't have time to say everything that has happened to me but I have experienced the lights going out when I'm near sometimes. This was brought up in another discussion. I'm certain this has something to do with my energy or intensity. Conicidentilly I've been receiving e-mails from someone who works at NASA and have come to find out he's having the 11:11 experience, too.

I read a book " Blessings In Disguise " by Carolyn M. Ball and discovered that the date 11:11 is one of the sacred windows in time for transformational energies. Here are some other semi quotes I've found ( they probably aren't exact so please forgive me; they're from personal notes and I hadn't planned on writing this and no distortion is intended ). " 11:11 means... gateway; the door to your evolving self. Your place within the current ascension of the planet " -Eileen Smith. This from Jonathon Cainers web site- " Apparently when people undergo a phase of rapid spriritual advancement they often find themselves spontaneously glancing at their watch or clock at 11:11 AM. Well, got to go...it's almost 11:11 ( just kidding )

Name: elfking
Location: Mississippi USA

11:11 experiences Eleven's Every Time

Experience: My birthday is 6-11-58 my daugher is 11-11-90. a year ago my daughter told me that when she was in class at school, every time she looked at the clock it was 11.11. i started noticing in my truck everytime i look at it is says 11.11 or sometimes 111. it has been really getting to me. i have been telling people that there is something about the number 11. no one believes me. i can not explain it i just know it means something. but what ?

Name: Kay
Location: Alabama us

11:11 experiences A Special Memory of Dad

Experience: My father dying of cancer had noticed several times that the digital clock was displaying 11:11 and he would say to my stepmom "look, it's 11:11". He died on Nov.11. (11/11) Since then, when I see my digital clock read 11:11 I think of my dad. I'm not a clock watcher and I don't even wear a watch but I could be anywhere and at the very moment I look I see 11:11 appear. In addition, I was born in 1956 and in the year 2012 I will be 56 years old.

Location: usa

11:11 experiences Major News at 11:11

Experience: I see it since my childhood.

close to 11:11 CST ON 11 march11 i learned that crescent city california had just been hit wit a tsunami wave which did some damage!

Name: larry kelderhouse
Location: Missouri usa

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