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Seeing Is Believing

Experience: Many experiences with 11:11.. eg, hooking up with girls at this time, hooking up with girls then finding out their born on the 11th of some month.

I was also born on the 11th of July. My fiance the 11th of january.

Most of my 11:11 experiences are associated with girls entering my life.

One freaky one i would like to share. I had told my mother I have been seeing 11:11 alot. She never believed until - one night my mum and i were watching tv.. she insisted we go make sandwiches in the kitchen... i looked at the microwave and said "mum, look at the time its 11:11". She thought that was unusual. But when I got back into the Tv room... my phone was open.. on the couch.. It had just recieved a phone call at 11:11 the call duration was 11 seconds.. The girl that called me was some girl i was with at the time... How the hell was the phone call answered??

The next day, My mum was curious and wanted to see what time i woke up... She waited quietly in my room.. I got out of bed at 11:11. From that day on my mum believes me. She thinks im a freak

Name: Louie
Location:: South Australia, Australia

A Reminder To Stay Strong

Experience: My 11:11 experience started this year, probably in June or July. Initially it didn't really bother me. But as the frequency of the sighting increased, I began to think that it was too much of a coincidence. And times, I would even see it 3 times in a row, as my laptop, watch and mobile phone are not in sync. What was weird was that I did not even have any intention to look for the time...it would be super random...it was like as if my eyes were directed to look at the time at the most precise moment.

I felt nervous, a bit scared too sometimes. In fact, I believed that I was going to die on November 11th or something. And I told my sister about it, in case anything were to happen to me...hahaha.

But actually I do have an affinity to the number 11, as I was born on November 1st...11/1....and the bus which I have to take every morning is bus number 111...and it is like the only bus in the neighbourhood...

The weirdest thing is that after reading about the 11:11 phenomenon, I came across this theory...11:11 can also be interpreted as November 11th...and it happens to be the 315th day of the year, which you can look at as March 15 (3/15)...and that really made my jaw drop as my boyfriend's birthday is March 15!!!! And after reading about twin flames, I believe that he is my twin flame...we have gone through so much together and now, we are forced to be apart for 2 years as he's working in another country. It has been tough and I have been very upset all the time.. but I guess the 11:11 is trying to tell me that hey, be strong...and only when you are strong will you be able to be reunited with your twin flame...and that is my new year resolution...to be strong as an individual...:)

Well, to all the 11:11s...Happy New Year and remember to spread more light and love around!!!!


Name: Atika
Location:: Singapore

11:11 experiences A Spiritual Calling

Experience: I began noticing the numbers 11-11 about 4 years ago. My introduction to these numbers was on digital clocks. For whatever reason I would happen to turn to the clock at that precise moment. At first, I was disturbed by this seemingly constant event. Today I have excepted this as a call to make my spiritual connection (Prayer). I accept this and no longer fear its meaning.Today I choose to believe that I belong to a large community of chosen persons that share in this experience

Name:Dr Bob
Location:Arizona, USA

Not Just a Coincidence

Experience: Ahh.. The beautiful and awe-inspiring 11:11 ! I see this number combination all the time and was amazed to find this page. I love it! I love what 11:11 represents and I think that many are starting to "get it" .. It's NOT just a coincidence for me. When I see these numbers on the clock (or anywhere) I feel so much love and I feel like my spirit/angel guides are always with me. I always wondered why other people never had these type of experiences with this number. Grrr.. sometimes it feels like i'm the only one.. but now i know i am not!!! AMAZING! Love and peace to you all!! Remember to make a wish at 11:11 because ya never know...

Name: Shannon Rose
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S

All Part Of The Positivity

Experience: Well, I have had many 11:11, 12:34,1:11,11:22,3:33,4:44 experiences, but I would like to share a quick one, about a month ago, 11:11 popped up, and I said out loud, Hello, please give me a sign that you are coming from a good place, (im a christian) so I have read things that says Lucifer will pretend to be an angel of the light, the only way to be sure he is not, is if the answer you recieve is telling you to believe in god....anyways, after I asked for the sign, 2 second later the named "toby" jumped into my mind, I dont know any toby's and I certainly did not know the meaning behind the name, so I went online, and went to find the origin of the name, it means "God is good" that was all the proof I needed to know that this whole 11:11 thing is POSITIVE and we are all apart of it....I am a vegetarian, and I feel that all life is equal, I think more "11'ers" should abstain from eating meat, you cannot project peace and love if you are eating the flesh of a tortured animal, I dont mean to preach, but this is how I feel....thank you for reading, and always remember to let peace and love into your heart.


A Musical Awakening

Experience: I started seeing 11:11 about 10 years ago. It was around the time that I became increasingly interested in spiritual topics. A couple of years ago I was changing channels on the T.V. and there it was: 11:11. I got a strong urge to play my keyboard. While I was composing(on the spot) I felt a very strange sensation all over my body. I had never felt this before. It was a very strong emotion that engulfed my body and I started shaking and my breathing accelerated. It turned out to be a really good song. I decided to name the song "11:11". Almost every other day I see 11:11 and I always get the same feeling. The closest I can describe the feeling to is of overwhelming happiness and peace.

Name: maelstrom102000
Location: San Bernardino, CA

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