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11:11 experiences Experience: I don't see 11:11 very much, but my version of 11:11 is 3:14. Every single day for 3 weeks this has been happening. Never have I missed 3:14 on the clock in these past 3 weeks and it's actually starting to scare me.

Name: Red
Location: NJ,USA

11:11 experiences Experience: Hi eleveners.. I started seeing the 11:11 like 2 o 3 years ago, to the point one night i had my cell on my pocket..and i thought i bet its 11:11 and ,, it was.. i saw on the street , plates, clocks.. and keeps showing it self as 2:11, 3:11, ETC.. one night i dream i was cooking,, and the being who was with me was grabing my hands as i was cutting groceries.. but the energy and love that i felt was inmense...not from this dimension.. then,, one morning ,,it was like 8 o 9 am,, i was lying in my bed and bright hot energy penetrated my whole body.. from head to toe.. (it was the budha energy that was coming to the earth).. we are old souls,, that agreed to be on this time,, to help the planet in this journey, and i felt so blessed, to the point i ask my self,, why me? i have done nothing worthy on this life,, and suddenly,, all this,,i still havent met a single soul that is living this.. i am glad i am not the only one.. (loner)

Name: alberto
Location: austin texas..

11:11 experiences Experience: I have NO idea what is happening, but this year since January I've been seeing 11:11 CONSTANTLY EVERYWHERE! I'm going to see a Chinese numerology 'priest/monk' in NanJing since my wife went before. She doesn't believe too strongly in these things, but she went a couple times and they were DEAD ON on some important happenings in her life. She's Chinese, BTW :-)

I AM convinced it's something significant and I'm NOT a believer in these kinds of things at ALL.

Name: Jeff
Location: China

11:11 experiences Experience: My twin sister went into a coma 9-11-01 and she past away 10-11-01 my daughter was born 12-11 son born 11-24 I see 11 everywhere for years now.

Name: /
Location: /

11:11 experiences 1111 and 444 Experience: I've seen 1111 & 444 for many year. Now, it's shorter as in 11:44. It appears to be a count down, as if time or my time is running out. I had done research on these numbers and had a few revelations about them. Briefly, there are 4 - 1's in 1111 and things like that. Does anyone sense a countdown? Could it be related to 144,000? I'll check notes I made a decade ago if anyone responds. Pete

Name: Pete
Location: ME

11:11 experiences Experience: Today on 11:11:2012 I dedicate my birthday to my dad who passed away yesterday on 11:10:2012. For the past year during 2012 my dad and I shared a very special and significant synchronicity of the numbers of 11:11. I was born on this very day many eons ago. Little did I know back then of the significance of this particular date that 11:11 represents Universal Peace. The gates of Peace opened in 1992 and on this very day of 11:11:2012 the gates of Peace opened to the hearts and souls of all wanting to enter into this portal.

At the beginning of 2012 my dad and I were talking over the phone and I shared with him the significance of 11:11. My dad seemed to catch on quickly because since that particular conversation we continued to share this mutual knowing through many future conversations reminding one another whenever those numbers of 11:11, 1:11 or 111 appeared to us daily either on the clock, driving down the road seeing these numbers on signs and/or exit numbers and for whatever reasons we did not understand at that time. My dad has been battling cancer for the past several years. During his struggles in and out of the hospital this was the one commonality that he and I shared and later realized how these numbers brought us close in heart and soul as his cancer progressed.

One week ago exactly to this date of 11:11 on a beautiful clear Sunday morning driving to visit my dad at the hospital for the last time, I experienced the most spectacular sunrise as I drove through beautiful breathtaking rolling hills and took in the beauty of the most amazing Autumn leaves that were still in peak bursting with vibrant colors of oranges, yellows and reds. My only thoughts as I drove into this picturesque setting was the sadness that I felt in my heart knowing that this visit was going to be the last. I wept with much sadness inside realizing that he no longer was going to be in my physical world. I walked into the hospital room and saw my dad lying so peaceful as if time was standing still. I kissed him on the forehead and said "good morning dad, I love you". As he slept I shared with him quietly the beautiful sunrise while driving to visit with him. I told dad that he has been fighting this thing for so long. Well at that very moment he opened one eye and looked at me and said, "not really honey". I was takened by his response. Anyone who knew my dad knows that he is a man of pride. My dad never complained of his aches or pains throughout his life but instead kept everything inside as not to burden anyone with his troubles. I knew why he said this to me. He didn't want anyone to know of the pain he endured with his cancer in the past several months. It brought tears to my eyes as I was hoping that he would finally open up and talk to me in a more intimate way. I then said "dad, it's okay; you don't need to worry about anything."You're going to be okay dad". Saying these words to my dad and already knowing deep in my heart that his time here on earth was nearing the end and realized at that moment this thing we call time would be no more for dad.? Peace was going to be the final decent of dad's journey, beyond time and space.

As my dad lay there peacefully I kissed him on the forehead and whispered in his ear, "I love you dad with all my heart". He quietly said to me that he loved me. I wrote him two notes and taped them to the walls right before I left with the words, "I love you...11:11". I left with a deep sadness in my heart. I drove home for the next 7 hours with a feeling unlike I have ever experienced but at the same time an overall sense of peace that engulfed my entire being. The next day at home the sun was shining, the skies were clear and this peace that I experienced the day before lingered onto this very day. I called the Hospice nurse that day to check up on my father. She said that my dad seemed to be very peaceful and different on this day. I shared with her my morning with him the day before and the words and energy that we shared for the last time and our synchronicity of 11:11. The nurse said that this was probably why he was so peaceful that day. He was listening to me while he was sleeping. She also said to me that she would be visiting with dad on the upcoming Monday but expressed that it will probably be her last visit with him. As she quietly said those few words I knew she was telling me that it was only a matter of time.

Being awake most of that night contemplating on my dad and trying to understand the reason we shared this 11:11 synchronicity for the past year. I was reading, goggling, anything I could find on the internet to make sense of this as it was the one thing that brought my dad and I closer in spirit in 2012 more so than throughout our entire father and daughter relationship. I found some reading on the internet from Archangel Michael's view on 11:11. Universal Peace waits for all mankind on 11:11:2012. That was the moment when I finally understood this phenomena. My dad was coming to the end of his physical reality and into his spiritual reality entering the gates of Peace. My dad throughout his life here on earth, the one thing he struggled so long and so hard for was that very thing, called Peace. I knew deep down that my dad was now going to enter this portal. The 11:11 connection that my dad and I shared became the focal point of our relationship.? Dad was tired and frustrated with his life on earth.? He was seeking peace but was unable to find it within.? My dad was a free flowing spirit in every sense of the word. He loved eagles watching them soar through the skies. He also had a deep love for birds and would spend endless hours watching and feeding them.? He found a profound calmness and peace to those species that had wings. I guess one could say that wings represent the vehicle in setting one free from the illusions that limits humans from the reality of our true essence. My dad always wanted to fly away. Being one of intuition, I could always feel his heart wanting to soar the heavens above.

On 11:10 at approximately 7:15 am I meditated very early that morning and had this vision of my dad standing at a gate that was wide open waving to me saying 'hurry honey and walk with me. I said to him, 'not yet dad you have to wait till 11:11am. He had a beautiful smile on his face and radiated this peace from his being while standing at the gate. A beautiful brilliant white light was blinding in the background.? I was awakened when my phone rang. My brother Mark in California called me at approximately 7:44 am est. while my other brother is leaving me a message at the very same time both calling me all to tell me that dad passed away at 7:37 am that morning. I was frozen, unable to express my sadness. Instead, I was feeling a sense of calmness and relief for my dad as I knew deep down inside that dad was finally home. The gates, the portals and the heavens were welcoming my dad's arrival.

On this very special day of 11:11:12 I dedicate my birthday to my dad who now resides in the land of peace and celebrate our synchronicity that we shared of 11:11. There is a saying that we humans come into this world to have a spiritual experience. But the reality is that we are spirits having a human experience.? My dad passed on 11:10 at approximately 7:37 am EST. This very day is also my grandmother's and my dad's mother's birthday of 11:10 and one day before my birthday of 11:11.

This was my Father's day wish before my dad passed in 2012: Dear dad. I love you with every cell in my body. Thank you for giving me my wonderful childhood and making me feel special even when you had to pay attention to four additional children in our family. Thank you for working so hard all your life just to bring home food and clothing so our needs we're always met. Thank you for sticking it out through every difficult and challenging time and never ...giving up on us. Thank you dad for every Christmas that our family spent as one and how you worked all year and every year of my growing years to make sure that this one holiday was our family's one day out of the year where we all gave gifts of love to express the deep feelings we had for one another. And now that you are going through some very challenging times with your own health, this father's day is all about my love that I hold deep in my heart for you. Thank you for being everything to me that a dad is to a daughter. You have been the rock in my life and I shall ever be so very grateful to you for these blessings. I love you dad. Happy father's day Dad

Name: Roseann
Location: Nc USA

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