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11:11 experiences Experience: Roughly 13 years ago I began toexperience the 1111 phenomenon.I've never understood what it meant-I just thought thatmaybe it was confirmation of going in theright direction in my life -and I just happento get this website;probably due to beingthe right time to share my experience.Overthe years it developed it developed intohappening with other numbers as well suchas 111 222 333 etc. A few months ago I hadthe most amazing experience happen- theyhappened in consecutive order-1:11, 2:22,3:33, 4:44, 5:55 (6:66 & 7:77 came later). Itwas really was quite astonishing!! Peoplearound me don't understand why it wouldbother me or be curious to me. I have hadto try not to think about it too much over theyears, but everytime I see it, I just have tosay it out loud and laugh a little.Thiswebsite speaks almost Word for Word theconclusions that I had come to so I thankyou whoever is posting this and thank Godthat I was directed to find it when I waslooking for something completely differentso God bless you all! Oh- has anyonestarted to read something and on radio or tvthey're saying the same thing at same time?I have the same thing happen with talkingand tv/ radio say same at same time, butone day I thumbed through a book and waslooking at something then started to read-and the Pastor on tv started reading theEXACT paragraph, AS I read each word!Whole paragraph! THATS NEW FOR ME,and exciting!

Name: Melissa Luis
Location: ID, USA

11:11 experiences Experience: i recently made a wish,and everysince then,I'll have the music onmy phone on shuffle,and more oftenthan not,the date on the album orsong when it was created or addedto my pc music collection then sentto my phone is 11/11 I'll even hitreshuffle and again more often thannot i'll see 11/11 but only when iam thinking about my wish.

Name: MillaJFan
Location: mississippi USA
Date Submitted: April, 20, 2014

11:11 experiences Experience: I see 11:11 quite often. To the point that everytime my friends or boyfriend see it they yell"Lauren! 11:11!" My boyfriend and I kiss everytime we see 11:11 or text if we are nottogether. Looking back, all my high schooljersey numbers were 11 and the address of myfirst home was 1111 Rush Creek Circle. Mybirthday is 6/5/92. 6 + 5 = 11 and 9 + 2 = 11(1111) I've only recently become aware of itsdeeper meaning.

Name: Lauren
Location: Idaho, United States

11:11 experiences Experience: i have been seeing 11 11 since12/21/12 @ 11:11 am ... and iprinted it out by accident on mycash register at work where we arealso scored of our rate of speed.this ticket that shows the date andtime as indicated but my scoringrate was 1111 scans per hour @100%...ever since then,i look atthe clock and its 11 min past anhour at work (cashiering) allday,most ppls totals are$111.??..or i give them 11 centsback in change..etc..story's islike the rest..its driving meCRAZY,anyone else?

Name: Nicole
Location: Mich.

11:11 experiences Experience: I had been seeing the 11:11 for over a year now. I could not figure out why, I even started playing the numbers on lotto. The numbers led me to a site on the internet on accident. I am wondering what we all have in common? I never believed in the book of King James, or this God that has the powers to do about anything but yet there is no real proof of anything he has done. The story of Jesus I see as just a man in times story someone wrote about. I find myself wanting to find out more about the star seed. I have a lot in common with the stories of this. Mostly the unsettling feeling of wanting to go home but not knowing where that feeling of comfort is. I have suffered a pretty sh..tty child hood to say the least and a good battle with cancer in my adult hood. I was consumed with a feeling of comfort when I felt I was finally led to something to find out more about. If I am part of a calling from the higher powers than I sure wish we could get on with this faster, I have to wonder if once we start seeing the numbers if it means our time on this earth is coming to an end?

Name: Wanda
Location: Pennsylvania

11:11 experiences Experience: I was born on 11.11.83 . I've always loved the fact that I was born on this date. Infact I almost can't stop myself from telling everyone I meet that I'm 11.11.11 (as 8 plus three is 11) . I also constantly see 11.11 all the time. Mainly on clocks. I have a special connection with the divine including God, Jesus and angels from birth. im driven to seek the truths of the universe and have a deep understanding of the bigger picture and strong faith. Many many times in my life I have been guided by angelic forces which give me a sixth sense with their help. I've found myself in sticky situations that have been miraculously solved by a higher power

Name: Amy rose Gilltrap
Location: Gold Coast

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