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11:11 experiences Inner Journey On A Creative Path

Experience: I have been seeing 1111 or 1:11 everywhere for almost 20 years now. It started when I had a significant difficult time in my life and I felt that I had begun a inner journey or path, that changed everything in my life, from negative to positive. I honestly beleive that I have had a spiritual experience. I feel deeper, I am no longer afraid. I do believe there is an element of cooperation with the universe working here. I also believe that there is something to do with the astrological heavens or stars. I used to point to a question mark in the stars since I was a child too, I am 51 years old now. I feel graced by a creative energy force. I found this website and was blown away that this is an actual phenomenon!!! I heard Ellen Degeneres say on her TV show recently that she sees 1111 often and named a company after it or something. I knew something was up, literally. I have been pointing it out to my daughters for years. It makes me happy. I truly feel connected. This means so much. It is like I have been told to live as if I could never fail. Namaste Eleven eleveners!

Name:Cheryl Ann N.
Location:Washington, USA

11:11 experiences Seeing 11:11 on November 11th

Experience: its happen a few times that funny phenomen abt 11:11... and its happen on 11.nov.2004 on 11.11 and one of my friend tell me something..and i have to wait up till 21.12.2012. at 11:11 to see if my budy was wright..at that time i was thinking that my friend has loose his mind,but now....i am waiting...
ps sory 4 my bad enghlish :)

Name: mayham_ri

11:11 experiences An Inner-Self Awakening

Experience: I have had experiences looking at the clock at 11:11. I have gone through an awakening experience feeling a strong urge to quit my job as I was on the wrong path. I happen to make this decision on 10/10/09 and my last day was on 11/10/09 and starting my journey on 11/11/09. I have never been off work in my life, quit my job just because it didn't match up anymore. I went through the whole experience of ascension without really understanding what was going on. I would make notes of my dreams in the night which eventually led me to 11/11. It all makes sense to me now.

Location:Ontario Canada

11:11 experiences 11:11 During Times of Transition

Experience: hi there, eleveners... i'm having this experience since 2006/2007.. it' been 3 to 4 years now.. and sometimes i saw 10:10, 12:12, 13:13 and etc... always repeatedly numbers... however, recently i see a lot of 7:11, and i'm at the point of BIGGEST changes of my life... i'm just wondering if anyone has the same experience, if so please do tell me what is it all about... my e-mail: liewcw_11(at)hotmail.com

Name:Vincent Liew
Location: Malaysia

11:11 experiences Everything Unfolding As It Should

Experience: I have been seeing the 11:11 message for about 8 years now and it has become more and more frequent in the last 3 years. Everytime it happens I feel priviledged, like I am chosen somehow. It always comes at a time when I am in emotional state (good or bad)and it usually feels like an "angel", or at the very least, something much bigger than me, is telling me all is well, and that everything is unfolding as it should. Recently I decided to move to another province, which was a huge decision for me. During the time leading up to the actual move the 11:11 was EVERYWHERE I looked. I took this to mean I was making the right decision to do so and I let it comfort me. Even on the day I drove to my new location the directional signs (ie Exit 11) used the number 11 in some way. I have yet to discover my purpose for coming here but I know that discovery is close as I can sense it somehow. I now have a tattoo of 11:11 on the back of my neck and when I feel down I touch it to remind me that I am being guided and everything I do has a purpose, even if I can't sometimes see it. I have had so many experiences, even my credit card expiry is 11/11 and the last place I lived was the street number 11 and the apartment 11. I did not intentionally chose that apartment and didn't really realize it until I left it. I have also found that it doesn't show itself just because you look for it. It finds you. I have found inspirational messages in books on page 1111 or chapter 11 pg 11. In staying with the theme of this message I have never noticed any other number combinations to be of any significance in my life thus far. I am posting this at 11:11 atlantic time.

Location: PEI Canada

11:11 experiences It's Not The End.. It's Only The Beginning

Experience: Im a fairly straight laced aires who dont now much abought this 11:11 but I wos surfing the net and ran into this 11:11.......... I had seen it before in a solstices almanac................ On december 21. 2012 at 11:11 is when the winter solstices begins..........................
And supposible everything else ends? If you have any info on this drop a line.................. G.R.B

Name:Guy Richard Bowers
Location:hillsdale co. MI

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