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11:11 experiences A Reminder From God

Experience: 11:11 has been very significant to me since 2005. It has a very special meaning to me. I feel like the God of the universe is telling me that I am His number 1!! I know that I sound very boastful but this is honestly what I felt when I saw the timing.
The first time I started to feel the significance is when I looked at my watch one morning and saw the timing as 11:11:11!!! I feel instantly that moment that I am God's number one favourite creation!
Since then, whenever I feel down or when I felt that God is no longer on my side, He will make use of 11:11 or 1:11 to remind me that indeed He has a great plan for my life! =D

Location: Singapore

11:11 experiences Staying On The Right Track

Experience: I'm 20 years old and have been seeing 11:11 for about five years now. I've had a couple of really awsome stories with this time and knew it was never a coinsidence.

Last year, march 2009, i was in rehab talking to a fellow recovering addict about how not only i see 11:11 but my mother and three aunts see it as well. I told her that i don't even want to look at the clock or think about it, that it's almost like my conscience is telling me to look and it would be 11:11. I don't think she believed me until i finished my story, not realizing the time, she looked down at her wrist watch and it was 11:11. We both freaked out after that. My mother has told me instead of freaking out, just pray. Now it's been about a year clean and i am fixing to go to the U.S. Navy and it seems everytime i turn around 11:11 appears. I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK IN LIFE. (i'm not religious but spriritual)


Name: juliaautumn
Location:Texas, usa

11:11 experiences A New Path Opening Up

Experience: About 5 years ago i saw 11:11 a LOT! all the time and all over that same year, many things changed for me...spiritual, job, a whole new path opened up ....

I dont see it anymore but this is cool


11:11 experiences Seeing The World In A New Way

Experience: My first memory of 11:11 was at 7 years of age, coming up from the basement at my aunts house in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, it was on the Microwave and I remeber stopping and seeing it - Ever since then it has been with me, I am 33 years old, average life, 3 kids, married. What is this? Weird is what comes to mind.. I see it at least 6 to 10 times a week since I was 7 - waking up at night, looking at the clock, there it is - going to the store, starting the vehicle, radio switches to clock, there it is! My computer at work does not show the clock unless you click on it, at least 3 times a week there it is... Is this superstition? Am I going crazy? I finally forced myself to look on the computer to see if others were having this happen to them and WOW! pages and pages of experiences - What is this? what does it mean if anything? I feel that I may be losing it even wonderin about it? I have now got it in my skeptic head maybe this is my death number? I know that sounds CRAZY/lunatic! what is it?

Name: Lisa Iverson
Location: Yellowknife, Canada

11:11 experiences Angels Among Us

Experience: 10 years ago for some reason 11:11 got stuck in my head, I would see it everywhere! Well for three differerent nights now in the past week, around 1:11 am I have been awoken from a mysterious sound of random beeps. At first I thought it was the upstairs or downstair neighbours, and didn't think much of it. Then I decided to go into my kitchen and there it goes beepbeep beep so random sometimes 2 beeps, 5 beeps, 7 or 8 beeps and 11:11 a one would display each beep, then dissappear....then all over again, then the darn thing tunred on by itself! I got a little freaked out and unplugged it. That was night one. Night two i just stayed in bed when this happened all over again! Night three, I had a tape recorder all ready to go in case it happened again.....there it goes around 12:11 am beep beep...so I started recording.....then I said "Hello" beep beep!.....I got the courage to go into the kitchen with the recorder and I got a good 15 minuets of the beeping, I was actually interested to communicate with this "midwayer" in this so I started asking questions. I asked if there was some kind of guardian angel or midwayer communicating with me, beep beep...11:11 then gone. Too bad I didnt have a cam- corder!

I believe in the 11:11 phenomon and I have seen other types of these signs such as street lights or lights on apartment buildings near me go off and flicker on sometimes two in sequence! I have also ran 4-5 kilometers at night and as I have gotten closer to a street light that is turned off, bling! it turns on! I know there is a lot more in our world then we can see or hear, and if we can all become more precetive to it....it will be for the better. Angels are among us, doing the work of the Lord! Praise the Lord! God Bless

Location: Canada Ontario

11:11 experiences Eleven's And Twin Flames

Experience: I had put out an ad specifically for a female roommate. By accident I gave my phone number and responded to a male roommate. I usually would not have called them back since I gave him the number by accident, but something told me to go for it. When he called me his voice even sounded familiar, but I couldn't recognize it. We had made arrangements to meet but I canceled our meeting. But he kept insisting so we ended up meeting anyway.

The first time I met him I felt a familiar feeling that I could not explain, as he was walking next to me I felt a wholeness within my soul. It was not a feeling of butterflies or anything like that. Nor was it a new feeling either. I didn't know anything about 11:11 or twin flames. One night I was searching on the internet and came across the twin flames website and what it meant. I was shocked to see everything on there, the more I explored the more I learned about 11:11 Experiences. I even tried to add up the date that he first emailed me which was on 12/29/08. It did not add up to 11 or anything like that well that's what I thought then one day I met a Australian lady she gave me her phone number. But she accidentally gave me her Australia phone number and she explained to me how we Australians write our dates backwards 29/12/08. A few days later, I was taking a nap and in my dream someone told me to add up the dates the first time he emailed me which was on 29/12/08. So I did, 2+9 = 11, 1+2+8= 11. Comes out to 11:11. One of my clients wrote the date that we were supposed to close a transaction on 11/11 but the real closing date was 10/16.

Name: Jade

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