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11:11 experiences Surrounded By The Angels

Experience: Only had the experience of the 11:11 twice and I have seen 444 once.. My second time of coming across 11:1 was just few minutes ago before going through peoples experience...I was about reading the experience of other people about 11:11 then immediately heard fireworks sounding heavily close to my ear and I checked the time it was 11:1 pm...After noticing that I started going through peoples experience and figured I was surrounded by the 11:11 Angels...This is a sign for us to take note...Sending Light Love and Awareness..Namaste

Name: Emmanuel
Location: Lagos

11:11 experiences There's Magick In The Numbers

Experience: I've been seeing 11:11 for years and was totally blown away a couple of years back when I googled and found it is a global phenomenon... I see it on clocks most days and people always propose that I have somehow synched to looking at a clock at that time so when it happens randomly I love to prove them wrong... one afternoon I saw it with a new boyfriend on the clock but then went on to see 2:22 3:33 4:44 and 5:55 in various locations which totally freaked him out! magick!

Name: Melanie
Location: New Zealand

11:11 experiences Waking Up To Strange Sounds

Experience: since 2004 ive been seeing 222 333 444 555 and now since 2010 2011 ive see 111 1111 1122 1133 ect and also 246 642 1234 1012 1215 911 seeing 911 for the first 2years , i would be warned of danger heading my way. i dont know why or what the other numbers mean. however in 1995 i woke up from a dream i had , in the dream there was a clock and a man saying that god would use me. When i woke up i asked outloud, was that real and something in my room made a sound that was from this earth! ive tried to make that sound but nothing i tried worked but my belief in god is much stronger knowing that im not the only one seeing numbers.

Name: mary r
Location: California usa

11:11 experiences An Eleven Message and Future Vision

Experience: i just had a freaking scary moment i was going through my missed calls cause something just told me to so im getting to the end of the list and find a call i made it was to 1111#1111# it was exactly 1min and 11sec long at the time was 6:23 which equals 11 i swear my heart alomst stoped it was so scary and alot of ther calls were like at 4:11or 1212 and stuff i was like oh coincidence the i see the 1111 one i still have it on there im still freaked out and i keep having dreams of finding the man i love in the future and so far things are getting pieced together just like my dreams i have the same posters text messages and things i stopped having dreams when i got to the one when we first meet and its like my dreams were reversed and im also taking a trip to cali soon and thats were my dreams all take place its all so scary.

Name: 1 in love
Location: /

11:11 experiences The Eleven and Visions Of Love

Experience: For me it all started when i made a wish and so seeing numbers like 1111 and suff like that and one night i woke up at 1:11 am and the only way i can get woken up and not be a grumpy person is to play grenade by bruno mars really weird i know and im having dreams about the man i really love and in them he saving me in some sort of way and i look at the clock at like 222 or 111 ,1111 and on day im in my room writing and i swear i heard some one say his name then my name and so i took a picture and i have a walk in closet and i was standing in front of it and you can barley see a shape behind me it looks like and angle kind of a light white colors and wings i almost dropped my camera and now i feel like some one fallows me every where but i feel safe it all started when i fell head over heels in love with him...

it all started when i fell head over heels in love with him one day in my math class my teacher said give me a random number and i yelled 1,212 unknowingly and i realized after she wrote it down on the board funny thing is it was 1111 and i was also thinking about my love right before i yelled out i often get lost in thinking about him like in my own world but it was right then it all happened it was so weird.

Name: Lindsay
Location: /

11:11 experiences Connecting The Pieces Together

Experience: My husband and I were married 11/11/06. I remember telling him that this date is significant I searched the web all I found about this date is that it's veterans day well that couldn't be it. I didn't find anything else and figured I'll know when it's time, a couple of years pass and I started seeing 11:11 all the time it would give me an eerie feeling as if GOD was trying to tell me something this continued even increased it went from clocks to billboards to license plates ect. Months went by I kept this to myself I didn't want people to think I was loosing it and then one day at work I was talking with one of my employees and we were discussing ascension he wanted more info so I printed him 36 pages on ascension I also made me a copy I went home started reading what I had printed and got to about the 33rd page and there it was 11:11 phenomena or coincidence I almost fell out of my chair when I read this, I don't know what excited me more the fact that I wasn't the only one or maybe I'm not crazy after all? Of course I have since found tons of info about 11:11 one thing I found most interesting is the people experiencing this have all researched the same things and even had similar if not the same dreams. All my life I had felt so alone so different I just didn't fit in. This is not true today, I feel so connected. There is so much more I would love to share, I also started writing a book which has been put on the back burner I feel I'm being lead in other directions, I am the car my CREATOR is the GPS! MUCH LOVE TO ALL!!!!

Name: Drema
Location: WV

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