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Choosing Between Two Paths

Experience: For a long time i thought i was crazy, so did everyone else. As time went on everyone started to notice how it was not just a coincidence. I only see eleven when my life is good or bad. Its never in the middle. I've finally decoded eleven, as far as my personal meaning. I think of it as a road,i can choose the bad, or i can choose the good, the choice is my decision. Im not religious but i think im gifted, im very talented and im going to be someone. I feel for some reason god wanted to show me this to get me back on track. Eleven is special to me, and i hope the meaning i've mentioned helps one of you! BECAUSE YOUR NOT CRAZY!

Name: Bbunchrocks

As Within So WIthout

Experience: I had a strange ultrasound image of my son taken recently at 11 11... it looks very much like a universe or a giant eye is inside his head... I wanted to frame the image for Marty a few days later so I grabbed the picture and started to cut it to fit in a frame...I sat down at the computer and glanced at the clock...11:11... Well I could not find a frame so I set the picture aside and thought I'd wait until I found a frame for it... A few days after that Marty and I decided to move and work on our sacred spaces... I asked him if he like the picture framed for his altar...so again I went looking for a frame...I found one...I sat down on the floor to fit the picture inside and handed it to Marty...I passed the clock...it was 11:11.... Strange....

Name: ophelia_underwater

A Toast To The Eleven Eleven

Experience: I'm just sitting here kind of...stunned. I had never (ever) heard of this - about 11:11 experiences or that anybody else would have had/been having experiences with this number 11.

Ok - here's my story and why I came to look up the number 11. My big brother (only brother), Mike, just passed away, suddenly, last year. (He was only 49) He played sports almost all of his life - mainly baseball (and he was a >natural< and always kind of the 'star' of the team - due to his incredible talent and his even more incredible personality..) Anyways...his number was always.. ..always.. 11. He never played under another number. And, we all kind of became...'proud' to see that number on his back/jersey. It...'11'...was just...'him'. Since he 'moved to Heaven' (as we call it) last year...I always seem to look at the clock at 11:11. And, it's not like I look at the clock at 11:09 and then make sure that I 'catch' 11:11 just so I can see it and think of him. I've wonderred if I >subconsciously< do that, but, it happens >all the time< and I think I would know if I did that. I started wonderring if this was his way of 'saying hello' to me. Also..(I can't believe I'm gonna tell this LOL).. one night I was 'Windows shopping', as I call it, and looking at jewelry on Ebay and I landed on a gorgeous pendant at this one site that was up for auction/bidding. I thought, 'what the heck' it was at such a rediculously low price and I thought I would bid and probably not get it. I went to bid and it said that I needed to bid '$11.00' as that was the next step up in the bidding. And, of course I had to grin as I always think of my brother when I see that number. >Then<..I look at the clock at the exact time I am bidding and - I swear - it was...yep...11:11pm. Needless to say my jaw dropped...and then I won the pendant!...for - yep - $11.00. I couldn't help but think that maybe it was just a little 'gift...from him to me'.

So...long story longer (LOL)...I was just bored tonight and decided to look up '11' on the internet and see if it...meant anything. And, well...here I am. (still kind of amazed) I never really expected 11 to 'mean anything'...and I'm still not sure what the heck all of this means. It's just pretty amazing to read everybody's story on how this number somehow keeps popping it's head up in other people's lives - especially when I haven't seen (yet) that the number really had any importance or meaning to anybody...other then they keep having these experiences with it.

I'm still pretty confused...but interested now. Gonna look at the links and stuff and see what there is to be seen about it.

*Raises my imaginary glass to toast...' Here's to the number 11 - and my brother that wore that number on his back for so many years...and to all of you who are, like me, kinda dumbfounded by this whole thing LOL.

Be well all - I will think of all of the other people who are waking up at 11:11 with me...and send a silent 'hello' to you...

Name: Darlene Location: Florida

11:11 Triggers A Curiousity

Experience: Was looking online the other day and my microwave in the kitchen started beeping and flashing 1111, i was the only person home so I went in and hiy reset which took it back to zero. I shrugged it off but a couple minutes later I heard a beep and watched the number 1111 go back across and it start beeping again. This time I decided someone was trying to tell me something so I unplugged the microwave and left the house. I was running late and had to drop lunch money off to my son and when i pulled in and looked at the clock in my car the same day it was 11:11. I then decided to start researching the meaning.

Name: rxgirl2571
Location: michigan

Search Your Heart For The Meaning

Experience: I've been seeing 11:11 appear on clocks for about the last 2 weeks or so. Looking back over the last couple of years I notice that when everything is going right in my life or when I'm about to embark on a new phase in my life 11:11 appears on clocks or receipts. Either my receipt # will be 1111 or the total for my merchandise will be $11.11. Right now I feel as though I'm coming out of a tough battle with a lot of negative forces in my life. I'm just getting to the point where I'm getting back on the right path in life. What I think 11:11 means to me is that it's a symbol to me that I'm doing something right, that I should continue down whatever road I'm on cause it's leading me right where I need to be. I really FEEL as if things are coming together for me and my kids and that we'll finally be ok and that I can breath now knowing that the demons I spent fighting the last year or so are gone and I can do as I was intended to with my life. I hope this explanation can help the next person who's wondering why they keep seeing 11 11 in their life. Just search your heart and soul thoroughly and keep asking God for the meaning of these numbers in your life. You're sure to find the answer!

Name: kay_jacob
Location: MD

Everything Will Be Alright

Experience: Like so many people, I'm looking for answers...first let me give you a little insight into myself. I'm a 50 year old single woman from Australia. I choose to be single as I have never felt totally fulfulled in a close relationship. I had a troubled childhood and have endured many difficult times whilst growing up. It took me a long to sort myself out but I have always been guided (mostly sublimally) by something spiritual and believe in God but I don't align myself with any particular religious denomination. I remember as a young child during a times of great emotional distress I would sit outside and look up to the stars and ask my creator to come back and take me, that I felt that I was really not meant for this world or in fact that the world was not really ready for me. I just felt that I didn't belong, that I belonged somewhere else, not of this time and place.

Another time when my life was in total turmoil (which up until a few years ago seemed to constantly spiral into a state of total flux), I was advised by a close friend to take my crystals and go and stand by the water and meditate. I took her advice as I was fairly desperate and figured I had nothing left to lose and drove down to the bay on a quite clear, hot, sultry summer night, sat on a rock for an indeterminate time, holding my crystal and begged my creator for guidance. What do you want from me? Why am I here? What is that I'm meant to do? That's when something amazing happened that I guess changed my life....an epiphany I guess you would call it. All of a sudden I felt the most gentle of breezes touch my cheek, like a cosmic caress. All of a sudden I felt at one with the lapping water, the tranquility of the night and the millions of stars in the sky. This amazing sense of calm and peace entered my entire body and spirit. Then with every essence of my being, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of love. A love that I have never experienced before....it was totally consuming. It was so great that I can't describe it in earthly terms. In my mind I heard words....they are as clear to me as I'm talking to you right now. "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT...YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT. I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. YOU ARE SO LOVED AND PRECIOUS TO ME. YOU ARE VALUED BEYOND THIS WORLD AND YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. YOUR TIME HAS NOT COME. YOU HAVE WORK TO DO AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE SIGNS WHEN YOUR TIME IS RIGHT. I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS. I AM EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE". For the first time in my life I knew what is felt like to be loved unconditionally and felt at one with everything even the universe (I know it sounds corny)but this was something bigger than I could ever explain. I felt completely cleansed and from that day on I chose to be a better person.

Since that time, I have devoted myself to making my life and the life of others better. Starting with my family and then moving into the community and working with the disadvantaged. I call it my 'soul work'. I have endeavoured to become more tolerant, forgiving and respectful of other people and their opinions and beliefs. Just like the Michael FRENTI song 'Every single soul is a poem....it's written on the back of God's hand'. Another thing I have noticed that since 'that time', is that I have become very intuitive and have predicted many occurrences and cataclysmic events. From the Kersk disaster, Bali bombings, Tsunami and most recently the global collapse of the stock market. It's just like a definately know these things are going to happen and they come as no surprise when they do. I must admit the devastation to humanity and the planet is extremely upsetting and I feel compelled to try and eleviate some of the suffering. These things I very seldomly share as when I have previously, I have been subjected to open ridicule and vitriole.

Over the last couple of years another strange phenonomen has been happening to me. It started with me waking at exactly 3:33am (not 3:32 or 3:34) probably for three of four nights a week but at random. Initially it spooked me but then I became really frustrated by this 'happening'. Finally I took the hint that it was probably THE MESSAGE I had been told about. I got up one night and googled the number and was astonished to find that so many other people from all walks of like had been experiencing the same thing. Just recently I have been seeing 11:11 in conjunction with 3:33 and I definately know that it's my message. On the whole I don't interpret it as a 'doomsday' message but a message of hope. I know our time is nye and that our destiny is quickly approaching and to be prepared. But prepared for what? What are we supposed to be doing? I know all will be revealed eventually but what will it be? Will it be too little too late? I can't do this on my own....it's way too big for one person to cope with. I need help and the help of others....can somebody please give me some advice?

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Name: bluebell22
Location: Australia

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