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11:11 experiences Searching For A Sign

Experience: I started seeing 1111 about a year and a half ago. It was soo weird. My husband told me he was seeing 1111 and then almost immediately after he told me I began seeing 1111 EVERYWHERE. On the clocks, license plates, stores and every day at work. It has been driving me crazy. Even when I unplugged the clocks I keep seeing it. I have been doing a lot of research about it and I am still skeptical. I think it could possibly be a curse. Like a mark placed upon me. It is strange because I started seeing my birthday and my husbands birthday everywhere shortly after seeing 1111. There is another side of me which makes me think maybe it is good like I have a guardian angel trying to point me in the right direction. Since this happened I have been reading the bible over and over again trying to find the answer. I believe the bible is the only place you can find the answer. I am happy to know I am not alone

Name: Anonymous
Location: Soo happy to know I am not alone and crazy

11:11 experiences A Healing Sign of Hope

Experience: After reading all of these experiences about 11:11, I decided to share my own. I started to see 11:11 when I was a kid. I would always say a prayer or make a wish. Usually when I saw it, I was going through a tough time...my parents were divorced but living together to take care of me. They fought all the time. My daddy was always in the hospital for Lupus and like 6 other crazy diseases that you can contract from it. It was always so dark and lonely in my house growing up. I tried to kill myself twice. I tried to run away from home too. I was depressed for a long time. But through it all , I remember seeing 11:11..Always I would smile and a little bit of hope would sparkle in my eye as I said my routine prayer or wish.

The second time I tried to kill myself, my mother prayed for me with the people. She found a scripture or psalm and didn't stop until I quit cutting myself. I saw 11:11 almost every day after that. I saw 4:44 , 5:55, and 3:33. Never was I afraid. I knew it was just God talking to me in a special way. Giving me a reminder to keep going, I can SEE YOU and I LOVE YOU

After growing up a little bit, I know that 11:11 is a mark. A signal. An activator. God is speaking to our subconscious minds. Calling us to do what needs to be done. It is a reminder that we are not alone in this universe, in this dimension. Somebody does care and love will prevail all. Peace will come in the morning. The first step in learning how to love, is first becoming AWARE that it exists. Those of us that see these sequences, we are blessed. We should always share the love we have inside and share our experiences together. When I see 11:11, I tell everyone around me to make a wish. I share the gift that God gave me. I pray that we all notice when God is trying to speak to us. He is everything. His energy fuels us all. Share the love he shares with us and go and be beautiful beings to each other. Enough with hate and anger and malice. Fighting fire with fire, only brings more fire...Heal yourself and help to heal others.

-Jah Bless and ONE love :]

Name: Baby Girl
Location: Texas, US

11:11 experiences A Sign To Stay Focused

Experience: I've been experiencing 1111/11:11 and also 1:11/111 since I was in my late teens. For years I didn't really understand what it meant and to some degree I still don't but for me I see it as a message (I have no idea where from) for me to keep focussed on certain aspects of my life.

Name: Anonymous
Location: /

11:11 experiences Be Yourself and Be At Peace

Experience: Hello everyone. I was just wandering what is 11:11? I have been seeing this number everyday on the clock and every night and everywhere i go for years. I find it really strange. I'm so happy others see it too :) I thought it was just me. I love being myself now and seeking the truth without feeling that I'm weird, strange, but accepting that i am different. I feel peaceful when i see the number and sometimes well when i didn't really understand it i felt afraid. Now i see this is a wake up call and ever since i have been being myself and loving myself i have seen the number less and less.

Name: Sarah
Location: Valley Stream

11:11 experiences We're All In This Together

Experience: My 11:11 experience started just about a year ago. First, like most of us, I thought it was a wild coincidence. Then it became strange, then creepy. Now it just amuses me, as I just smile and say "Just tell me already".

It wasn't until about two days ago that I had had enough and decided to try 11:11 in google to see what I could find. I was more than stunned to see people from all walks of life with the SAME exact experience as the one that was affecting me. I felt relief for a while since others were with me. But there were no answers just speculation. Whenever I see it, I always feel it's important that I saw it.

If I may add, don't bother telling many people as they will not understand you or it in the least.

Whatever this 11:11 prompt is or means, we're in it together and I find comfort in that.

Name: Travis
Location: Seattle, WA

11:11 experiences The Eleven's Are Everywhere

Experience: Hi, My half brother was born on 11/11 1951 I was born the day before Between 1985 and 1988 (I don't remember the year) I was a courier making a delivery about 2 hours out of the city. I happened to glance down and I noticed that my odomoter was reading 111109 kms (Canada) or thereabouts and I would soon click over to 111111 kms plus the 1 for the tenths of a kilometer. I looked at the time, (digital on the van panel) and believe it or not, when the odometer read 111111.1 the time was 1:11 p.m. Finally, I retired on Nov 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 and I watched my digital clock roll over at 11:11:11 am. That's my story.

Name: Ollie Bourque
Location: /

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