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Life Changing Visions

Experience: This is very strange i know to be telling this. I dont talk about this to anyone. But i feel like i need to start advancing with this idea/story. The day that had changed my life forever happened when I least expected it. Me and some friends decided to take some psilocybin Cubensis. The weather was very strange that day compared to the day before and after. We began to start frying and we could hear crying from this girl in the bathroom. We were trying to guess why she would be crying with her boyfriend. All these ideas started emerging but then one struck us. The friend I was with told me that she cheated on her boyfriend with him. So I replied that she was crying in happiness that he brought the true love out of her and made her realize that she had the most perfect boyfriend ever. Then I said, That would be an awesome story because its like a friend helps friend's girlfriend find the true love she needed to be with him. We began to start writing all these ideas and then I asked this girl what time it was. She told me 11:11. Right when she told me the time my vision became brighter and brighter until everything was almost white. I walked outside and called my ex- girlfriend, (Janette) the only thing I could tell her was, I love you. I hung up on her then I got into my car and I saw a vision of me driving to go see her but I drove off a bridge. So then I crawled into a ball and blacked out then watched myself in space. I could see everything that existed. I saw every action and emotion of every person and how it was manifesting to the future. I felt my brain expanding and it hurt very badly but I didn?t mind the pain. I convinced myself that I solved the reason to live and there was nothing else people needed to live for. I began to see everyone I knew dying in front of my eyes, I was never scared though. I felt as if this presence was the middle of existence. My friend woke me up out of this dream state and I thought I was dead. I walked back into the house and felt myself as a ghost watching over people to make sure they do good in life. I later on fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt knowledgeable. I found out that the girl was crying because she thought her boyfriend was the devil. From that day on I have been writing about all the experiences that have taken place since. What is very strange is that in high school I always hated to read and write. They were my worst subjects. I felt like if I could complete something that I hated so much it would make it even more special to me and others who don't write or read. I wrote all the main facts what happened that night and what I learned. The band Tool I've seen around so much finally came crashing into my life. I am now fascinated in the Mayan Calendar after i read about there beliefs and how the time 11:11 was connected to it.

Name: dustinw41e

11:11 experiences A Special Time For Faith

Experience: I have been seeing 1111 since I was about 16 I am now 27 and still seeing it.It felt really special to me.I made the mistake of telling my wife who happen to tell a priest about it and he said it was just a coincidence. But they dont how I feel and they never will.

Name: julianoceguera
Location: Los Banos Ca

11:11 experiences More Than Just A Numerical Coincidence

Experience: I have been experiencing numerical coincidences for quite a few years. The difference with mine are that they are not limited to 11:11. I will get 6-10 sightings of numerical coincidences like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and 11:11 in a one week period sometimes, and then nothing for a couple of months. I was driving my car one day and looked down at the odometer just as it changed to 111,111 kilometers. It freaked me out so much I almost pulled the car over, I wish I had my camera with me to record it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person that this is happening to but would like to find out what it means.

Name: Anonymous
Location: /

11:11 experiences The Comfort Of Angels

Experience: Hello everyone, I first noticed 11:11 immediately after the death of my stillborn grandson...I would wake up and the clock would show 11:11. I'd get in my car and it would be 11:11. Clock in at work or out 11:11. Receipts 11:11. It happened so much I looked it up on the internet and it made perfect sense to me....angels. that was 2004 and it has not stopped yet...my grandson was born jan 4, 04 at 444...

Name: billi_philli
Location: ky

11:11 experiences An 11:11 Awakening

Experience: Hello everyone, I am very glad that I found this website reason being that it has been driving me crazy to find out what this number means and what it means to me. I started experiencing this phenomenon about 7 years ago but never question it or what it meant. One thing for sure is that I consider myself to be a very spiritual person and I believe in God. Ever since I was a child, interesting things have always happened to me that I think back and I cant help to think I was surrounded by angels.

I don?t know who to talk to about this but I guess I just want an answer as to whom is trying to reach us and why and why us?

I have always felt blessed and God knows I have had my ups and downs and I always bounce back, but I don?t know what to make of this and why it constantly appears to me when I am not even thinking about it. Most of the time, I wake up at night and?..Bang! there it is, the time on my alarm clock is 11:11pm.

Just the other day I went to wash my car and my ticket number of the receipt was 111 and I looked at my watch and it was 1:11pm. This has been accruing more often now than before and I just don't know what to make of it. I consider myself a good person with a good heart but I also don't want to discuss this with family or friends as I am afraid they will judge me or look at me as I am crazy. Can someone help me understand this?

Name: privado_shy
Location: CA

11:11 experiences Great Changes and Opportunities Await

Experience: I started seeing 11:11 about four months ago. I saw it on the clock and on a billboard advertising a magazine. I had never heard of the "11:11" experience and mentioned this to my personal trainer one day while working out with her. She told me she heard this "meant something" but was unsure of the meaning. Soon after, she and I went to a lecture by John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga, and he talked about synchronicities in our lives. He told us to pay attention to reoccuring sitings or events in our lives. I still did not understand why I was seeing these numbers but knew it had some meaning in my life. My trainer and I attended another lecture about the history of yoga and she introduced the 11:11 magazine to the attendees. This was the magazine I saw on the billboard; therefore I picked up a copy. It wasn't until that moment that I realized 11:11 was representative of the wonderful changes that were happening to me. I had just begun a journey of the unknown. I am making some great changes in my life and have an unspoken peace about my place in this world right now. I am in a place in my life in which I feel I am awaiting great changes and new opportunities. In the last two months, I have begun seeing 22 frequently. I really don't know why I continue to see these double digits; however, I have this wonderful sense of peace as if I am being "watched over" and led in some wonderful path. Today I feel that each person I meet and each challenge that is presented to me serves some purpose in my life.

Name: Anonymous
Location: South Carolina

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