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11:11 experiences The Eleven's Are Everywhere

Experience: Hi, My half brother was born on 11/11 1951 I was born the day before Between 1985 and 1988 (I don't remember the year) I was a courier making a delivery about 2 hours out of the city. I happened to glance down and I noticed that my odomoter was reading 111109 kms (Canada) or thereabouts and I would soon click over to 111111 kms plus the 1 for the tenths of a kilometer. I looked at the time, (digital on the van panel) and believe it or not, when the odometer read 111111.1 the time was 1:11 p.m. Finally, I retired on Nov 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 and I watched my digital clock roll over at 11:11:11 am. That's my story.

Name: Ollie Bourque
Location: /

11:11 experiences Other Double and Triple Numbers

Experience: i am not seeing 11:11, but i am seeing 333,444,222. now i am seeing 555 all the time. nothing special about my experience. after my investigation on this i feel better. i feel spiritually stronger. i feel a whole lot less "lost". hope everyone experiences this. with love aml.

Name: aml
Location: Indiana, usa

11:11 experiences Moving Forward On A Spiritual Journey

Experience: In 1989, my life was a mess. Got fired from a job for drinking and was unemployable. So in September, I got sober. I saved so much money by not drinking that I was able to move into a nice apartment. I also got a great job. My Dad went with me looking for a new place to live and we were standing at the desk of an aprtment office and my dad said "did you know it's 11:11 on 11/11? I didn't think much about it until we get to the apartment and it was number 111. I moved in right away. I then started noticing 11:11 and 1:11 all the time. I did't know why I was experiencing this but after seeing this website, I think it's about a spiritual journey

Name: Robert
Location: Florida, USA

11:11 experiences Strange Happenings On 11/11

Experience: On 11/11/11 last year, i spent the night before at my friends house. We both had heard of 11-11 having something to do with 2012, the mayan calendar, etc... And it also happened to be my friends birthday.We both woke up on his birthday(11/11) a little after 11 in the afternoon. At 11:11 AM, I had a strong sense that this was going to be an amazing day. We went to Thief River to pick up new Xbox games, him buying Call of Duty: MW3 and me buying Elder Scrolls 5: Skryim(skyrim's release date was today luckly). Later that day we went hunting in his woods, and strange things started happening. At first we heard the siren from town, even though my friends house is 10 miles out. Than came the bird noises. All around us the skys were clear, but it sounded like hundreds of hundreds of birds. When they stopped, we waited listening for any more sounds. 10 minutes later we heard the geese again, and then a group flew over us through some trees. They were only silhouettes of birds against the sky and they were flying from behind us to our left which was south. Than they would turn and go northwest off into the distance. This happened a couple of times before we had to stop hunting because it was night time. I dont know why but that day seemed like everything we did that day went perfect and we witnessed somethings nether of us could explain.

Name: xXxJoshxXx
Location: Minnesota

11:11 experiences The Beginning Of A Journey

Experience: I have been seeing the numbers 1111 and 911 for years now. At first,I too believed it was a mere coincidence. After several times of this occurring,I can no longer hide the feelings and strange events in my life. For instance I flew to Texas in 2009.... 9 plus 2 equals 11. My flight number was 542 equals 11 again. My room number at the hotel was 911 equals 11 as well. I would find myself waking nearly daily at precisely 11:11 or 9:11! When the electricity went out in my house during a storm,and then came back on the clock was flashing 11:11. Isn't it supposed to do that at 12:00? We moved 3 times since Katrina each address added up to 11. Trust me it was not easy to find a house after Katrina. Now even stranger things are happening around my 2 kids and I. As we drive down the road EVERY TIME... The street lights turn off as we pass them. This has happened so many times I cant explain. I was even pulled over by the police one day because it was late at night and he thought I had some sort of device to turn off the lights. Not just 1 light would turn off as we would pass by... but everyone. Concerned ,Yes! I am not certain of what this entitles! Someone told me if it were coming from God, he would never frighten you. I have read many different opinions of what it could possibly be.

One day I was on the computer trying to find out if anyone else was having the same experiences as me. Nothing came up. This was about 7 years ago. Then a couple of years ago I decided to Google just the numbers 1111 and saw that I was not alone. In which I am grateful for. Because now I know I am not insane. When I told my friends about it,they were looking at me like I was crazy. But then it started happening to a few of them as well. Best of luck. After all my research I don't know what philosophy to believe. I am just praying it is the beginning of a good journey.

I also am a Aquarius. People have emphasized to me 2012 is the year of the Aquarius. I was born 2/17/1976. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. My name has 11 letters...1st and last name... Good luck on your ventures I hope someone finds the answer.

Name: Shari
Location: Mississippi,U.S.A.

11:11 experiences Now Is The Time For A New Perspective

Experience: Hi everyone, I mean I still am in an 11:11 daze. I have seen some really good and some really bad years but by far this year takes the cake. I feel I am going through some vibrational ride. Lost a couple of people in the family, and they were really the softest and nicest people I had the pleasure of meeting in my life's journey. But the revelations or channelled knowledge that came with these experiences has increased my conscious zone. Strange unexplained new perspectives are arising in the mind and sometimes it even feels like as if everything that I knew until now was all fake and "NOW" is the time zone when "I" am experiencing "GOD" in me. It is as if the whole universal truth is getting bared before "me". All this experience is on the one hand good because I am getting all the answers I ever wanted to know about life but at the same time experiencing reality this closely is a bit too much to handle. So I request my angels to give me the courage, understanding and the ability to handle whatever I am getting and wish the same for whosoever is passing through the same experiences as me. Luv and Light to All

Name: Jas
Location: India

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