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11:11 experiences The Awakening to The New Era

Experience: hi... im Emmanuelle, i was born in pr, i started seeing this 1111 about 5 or 6 years ago, i thought at first i was getting crazy, 1111, 111, 222, 333,444 etc.. it was like something make me look at the clock at the exact time, first i was scare and i tried to ignore it, but then it got worst, every where, i started to feel confused about everything, nothing would make sense, so i went to the internet and i put 1111 and all this theory came up, i kept my self reading and i went deeper, it was like i was thirsty of knowledge, urantia book, the bible, sumerian, illuminatis, free mason etc.. i was getting inside of a new world of knowledge.. my family from my dad are christians, my family from my mom are catholics and my dad his a budist.. i have been reading a lot, and analyzing everything that i read with the things that happen to me in my daily live... who we are, what we supposed to do.. headaches, body pain, like my mind is somewhere else, awaking?? yes, i started to see beyond normal eyes can see, looking at the plants, the animals, life, how human race are becoming what they are.. how the bible its been manipulated to control civilizations, what happened with the essence of life, moral, love, the reason the mission... christ conscience, i see how people repeat what somebody teach them, but knowledge, real truth is inside of us, we have to look for the truth and open our conscience to understand the meaning of light and love, 2012 is going to be the start of a new era, and people like us are the new conscience poeple to lead the other, we come to life to learn, we are in a karmic cicle of life, we r not alone in the universe is time to open our eyes, and see life in a new dimension, we have the potential, we feel like we dont belong in here in this world of war and death, is time to change our life and love every single molecule of air that we breath.. its time to prove that we are a good race, and we were just manipulated since we were born. 1111 its in us, christ conscience ..love to all
coscu69(@)gmail(dot)com that my email

Name: Emmanuelle
Location: illinois

11:11 experiences Something Great Is Going To Happen

Experience: Oh God ! it has always irritated me, but never knew it has a global meaning , i thought it will be a private personal incident or so ! that was 13 years ago , when i had a dream with 11:11 written infront of my eyes, so i woke up , expecting every 11 Nov. each year and nothing happens. But today, when a relative of mine attracted my attention that this year, EVRYBODY, and i mean everybody if counted the year he was born and his age, it will be 111 ! Then i remembered my dream , and iam 100% sure something realll greattt will happen this year .Only Allah knows what might happen, God bless us all .

Location: Egypt

11:11 experiences A Time For Revealing The Truth

Experience: As with all on this site, I began seeing 11:11 on a clock. Not only was I seeing it, I stopped whatever I was doing if a clock was nearby and looked as if forced. My focus was held to the clock until it turned to 11:12. Sometimes it felt like time stood still and I was drawn into a trance.

Mine started about seven years ago and for a couple of years, I asked people around me and they didn 't know what I was talking about and looked at me amused. (I was the weird one in my family.)

In 1992, in a dramatic fashion, (psychic) gifts (all) opened to me and I could "hear and see " angels and other beings. Since then, retired from medical field, I have been studying metaphysics and the great "prophets " of the world, daily.

For me, I discovered we (11:11ers) are the humans chosen in this time and place to not only ascend to higher consciousness individually, revealing long lost and oppressed truths, but to tell the world what is going on. 11:11 means new world via "Forced Consciousness. " So, I am writing a book all about it with help from the 5th dimension helpers. Look for it soon. "Man Made "

Name: Marsha
Location: Missouri, USA

11:11 experiences 11:11 Make A Wish!

Experience: Everytime i see 11:11 on the clock, i make a wish. made 4 this week. You should too!

Name: Buddy
Location: Philth-a-delphia USA

11:11 experiences A Birthday To Remember

Experience: On 11/11/11 my daughter will turn 11. How cool is that?

Name: Yo MaMa
Location: Oklahoma USA

11:11 experiences A Friend You Can Count On

Experience: Since a few years already I constantly have the 11:11 in front of my eyes. Each time i'm looking at my watch no matter where I am it seems like i'm programmed to look at the time at that moment. 11:11 is now so much part of my life that I sense some kind of humorous feeling each time I see it, like if someone was waving at me saying : "hee hoo, we're here, you remember ??"

Seeing 11:11 is like receiving a sms from a friend now, I'm not waiting for it, it just appears in front of my eyes when he wants to say hello.

Now that we are near 2012 I sense more and observe (especially on internet) that 11:11 will have a special impact.

Name: Felix
Location: Belgium

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