The Art of Ascension

What is the meaning of life? Why are you here on this planet? Is your life and therefore your consciousness simply the bi-product of a random occurrence in a changing physical universe or are we beings of Light on the stage of Earth clothed in bodily vehicles? What is love? Is it simply a passing feeling dependent upon changing outside circumstances or is it the fundamental energy of who we are, flowing from an Unbounded Source within us. If this is the case, is it only an experience that comes and goes randomly or is it possible to systematically cultivate this experience and live in communion with this Infinite Source fully and permanently? It is and it is not a hard or arduous task. In fact it is far easier to be Enlightened than it is to be ignoring who we are. We, of the Ishaya Tradition, offer a time tested and effective path that can bring about full Human Consciousness in less than a single lifetime. We call it the Art of Ascension.

The Art of Ascension is a series of simple, easy, and highly effective techniques for the expansion of Consciousness. These techniques, called Ascension Attitudes, naturally and effortlessly move the mind from the surface to the deepest level of Consciousness, the Source, the Stillness, or what we call the Ascendant. The Ascension Attitudes are based in the upward directed emotions of Praise, Gratitude, and Love. There are no beliefs required in order to practice Ascension. It works whether you believe in it or not. It works whether we have a busy mind or a quiet mind, a good day or a bad day. All experiences are o.k. in Ascension. In fact there is no specific experience that we need to produce in order to be ascending properly. It's easy because the techniques are very pleasurable to the mind. Many meditation techniques attempt to force or concentrate the mind into stillness. Many of these techniques sprang from the idea that the mind is like a monkey jumping from branch to branch never finding what it wants. That is not at all the case with Ascension. Ascension is completely natural and utilizes the natural tendency of the mind; which is to seek greater happiness. In Ascension we are simply giving the monkey its Ideal banana.

By experiencing the Source within the mind naturally settles down. When the mind settles down, the body settles down to an extremely deep state of rest; measurably twice as deep as the deepest sleep at night. It doesn't take years of practice to develop this deep state, it happens the first time someone Ascends. When we begin to Ascend, life immediately begins to improve. As we continue to Ascend, our mind becomes more and more familiar with the deeper levels of Consciousness. What we focus on grows, so as we give focus to our Consciousness it expands and as it expands we realize more and more of who we really are.

Ascension means to rise beyond. What we are rising beyond are the limiting internal beliefs of separation that block and obscure our connection to the Reality that lies within us. Many spend years and fortunes attempting to do this and not really achieving very much. Einstein said that it is impossible to solve a problem from the level that it was created at. This is very much true when it comes to changing the internal programs and habits whose roots go deepest. The Ascension Attitudes take our mind directly to the Source every time we use them. By going to the root the whole plant is enlivened. By connecting to our Consciousness every aspect of our life is improved. The old habits of thought fall away very easily because they are replaced by a more pleasurable experience of life. The path to Enlightenment is not a forced marched of giving up the things that we love. It is not necessary to isolate ourselves for years in a cave. Nor is it necessary to adopt rigid disciplinary practices in order to transcend our egoic self. Expanding consciousness is a path of Joy!

One of the greatest benefits of Ascension is that it can be done with the eyes open in addition to the eyes closed practice. This practice can be used throughout the entire day. In every moment you can have access to a key that opens the door to the Kingdom of Heaven within. In every moment one has a choice to rise above the self-defeating limitations of thought that keep life bound. Every moment of life can be lived in waves of Praise, Gratitude, and Love. Every moment can be consecrated to Truth and Beauty. It does not have to take long to awaken to our True Nature. When the Sun comes out the clouds disappear. All we need do is turn towards the Light within ourselves and the shadows will vanish. We need do so little to gain so much. So come and Ascend simply, easily, naturally.

By Ishtar Ishaya. This article was originally seen in the VisionQuest Metaphysical Bookstore's Newsletter in Scottsdale, Arizona and is presented here with their kind permission.

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