The 11:11 Phenomenon

Why Don't I See The 11:11 As Much As I Used To?

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Sometimes the numbers 1111, 111 or 11 seem to follow you everywhere you go, popping up several times a day, every day, for weeks at a time. Then suddenly you stop noticing them as much as you did before, or the synchronicities stop altogether. It may feel like losing an old friend! Then weeks or even months later you may start to notice the same pattern and synchronicity of the 11:11 all over again. Why do these numbers seem to happen frequently, but sometimes not at all?

It is often believed that the frequency of seeing these numbers increase during times of personal growth. In other words, when you are on the right path, or are going through a very important cycle in your life you may start to notice the 11:11 or similar number patterns more often. When you notice number synchronicities like the number 11 appearing more frequently within your life you must start paying attention to the decisions you are making, your conscious thoughts, and the synchronistic events that usually occur around the same time.

There are no coincidences or accidents. But even if you are somone who believes that things do happen "by chance" understand that there is still a purpose for it and a reason behind it. If you stopped having experiences with the 11 then maybe you already have the awareness that you need to journey forward on your path in this life. Trust your intuition and follow it's guidance. If you consider the 11 to be a "wake up" call, or if you are on the lightworker path then you may no longer need to see the 11:11 so many times in order to "remember" the feeling of this vibration/frequency. You may already be living and vibrating at the frequency that is in tune to your purpose in this life.

We all play an important part in this game of life. We all have a purpose and we all can make a feeling difference in some way or another. Everyone is empowered. We are all born with talents, and we have the free will to turn obstacles into opportunities in other to utilize these talents and pave the way towards the future we are meant to have. When we change ourselves, or our "energy" then, we change the energy around us. These small changes can alter the future of the world we live in.

11:11 reminds us that during the darkest moments you should never forget who you are, .a You are never alone on this journey. 11's remind you to stay focused on your goals and to stay strong especially during times of trouble. Always remember to love, to and stay in truth and light and you will always succeed at what it is you came here to do. Once you know this deep down in your heart and soul, then you no longer need to be reminded of this truth in such a synchronistic way. If the higher powers that be determine that you need a little "nudge" then you may start to see the 11:11 once again.

So the answer to the question of why one might notice the 11:11 synchronicity, and then stop, is either because it is being confirmed that you are on the right path (experiencing the right "frequency" for your path) or because you are not, and it is a reminder to get back on that path of love, light, and truth. Remember to follow your intuitions and pay attention to whats going in your life, and in your thoughts whenever you do start to notice the synchronicities occurring again. Then pay attention to the feelings and thoughts you are having when the synchronicities stop. You will begin to undestand the differences. Change your mind. Change your reality. Love and Light to you all, and never, ever Forget Who You Are.

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