The Starseed Experience: Traits and Characteristics

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This is a descriptive article and list of some of the most common and also unusual characteristics and traits of a starseed soul. While this information can be used to recognize if you are a starseed yourself, it also explains some of the unique experiences and personality quirks that are most generally shared amoung starseed individuals. The list describes physical symptoms and signs common with star seeds as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that are part of the starseed path and outlook on life.

If you or someone you know is a starseed they may resonate with most if not all of the starseed qualities and experiences listed here.

As always, no external list, label or definition can always accurately describe with 100% certainty the starseed experience; one must look within themselves and truly remember what they already know. Find what resonates with you and always trust your heart concerning the answers you seek.

Starseed Personality Traits and Characteristics

A starseed has a profound feeling of being very different from other people. Everyone is unique and different from others in some way or another, but for a starseed, this feeling begins at a very early age and stays with them well into adulthood. There may be no external cause of this feeling and most have relatively normal childhood and adult lives (although they will tend to have some very unusual experiences). Many people will view these individuals as being somewhat weird or eccentric, even if the starseed is trying to act 'normal' and blend in. A starseed knows they are different, even if they don't quite know why, and even if they try to 'fake it' they will be unhappy pretending to be anyone but themselves.

A starseed individual may discover that they are extremely sensitive and may have a naturally devoloped sixth sense; most are highly empathic. Having empathy means that they have the ability to feel or sense the emotions and sometimes even the 'thought vibrations' of other people, especially those whom they are closest to. If they are not aware of the source of these emotions or energies then it can seem as if it is their own emotions they are feeling. Unconscious starseeds who are highly empathic can be easily influenced energetically. This makes it important to learn grounding and shielding techniques so they do not absorb the emotions of others or take them on as their own.

The empathic ability of a starseed (or anyone with the ability) can become problamatic if one is constantly bombarded with the energy of other people, especially those who are negative. This can result in them becoming increasingly drained energetically over time. This is often the reason why many starseeds feel more comfortable alone in their own private space and tend to feel overwhelmed when around even small groups of familiar people let alone large groups of strangers. Although some starseeds actually feel better in large crowds such as those at an event of some sorts, because this way they feel they can 'blend in' more.

Many starseeds journey through life feeling alienated from others in some way and when involved in even small group settings they often feel disconnected from the others or out of place in some way. Their mind is always buzzing with thought and sometimes they have feelings of anxiety or even boredom. The starseed tends to 'think about what the others are thinking about' and this thought stream can sometimes indicate is a strong telepathic ability as well. Starseeds sometimes enjoy simply observing others out of curiousity instead of interacting or being put on the spot. Even the more social and outgoing starseeds will still resonate with some of these qualities and experiences on some level.

It's common for starseeds to feel like they don't have much in common with many other people and sometimes can not understand why people 'do what they do' and 'like what they like'. They tend to feel much better and lighter in energy when they are around higher vibrational people who are more consciously aware because these lighter individuals seem to just 'get it' while noone else seems tuned in.

In some situations when interacting with others a starseed may find themselves suddenly 'shapeshifting' their energy to match the other's so they can 'play along' or understand the individual on a deeper level. This unusual experience is hard to describe but a lot of starseed souls may recognize it.

A desire and need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and from 'normal' people. Starseeds often prefer to be alone not from a sense of depression but out of a sense of freedom and feeling like they are in their comfort zone. They tend to benefit and do enjoy seeling out others who share their own spiritual interests. They enjoy have deep and more meaingful conversations and can get bored with mindless 'chit chat' or shallow conversation.

A common phenomenon amoung starseeds is frequently seeing the 11:11 or other repeating number sequences appearing on clocks and popping up in other unexpected places often. There is also a perculiar feeling or sensation that accompanies these synchronicities.

The Starseed Child and Young Adult

Starseeds tend to be more shy and introverted as children. They also tend to be highly creative and imaginative on many levels. They can spend hours just thinking and pondering in their minds, and playing in their own 'make-believe world'. Many would rather spend time by themselves, with nature and animals rather than with other children. This can often be due that feeling of being different from others in some way or because they feel they can't relate to other children. Many tend to be more comfortable in the company of adults and are often considered mature for their age. Even so, many star seed children grow up feeling misunderstood and can carry a heavy sadness in their heart at times for reasons they often don't understand.

Starseed children can sometimes have periods of hyperactivity and if that accompanies any anti-social behavior at times then they are often diagnosed with having A.D.D or autism in extreme cases. Later on in life they can often be diagnosed with having Bi-Polar disorder because of the dramatic swings of emotion, But most of these qualities are due to the starseed's sensitivity to the world around them and empathic abilities as mentioned previously.

As children starseeds tend to be highly intelligent with an inquisitive mind, even if they suffer from poor grades in school. Starseed children are fascinated by many things and may show early interest in various subjects such as art, music, science, geography, history, language, reading, writing and journaling and sometimes poetry. If a subject disinterests a starseed child or if they feel the information is mundane or useless on some level they may tend to 'tune it out' and only absorb what excites their passion and curiosity, often soaking up knowledge and even studying subjects on their own.

Starseed children often have an 'imaginary' friend. Now many children have imaginary friends at such a young age, but for the starseed there is often something unsual surrounding the experience. Starseed children can often create fantasy worlds to explore in their own minds. This is typical of every child to a degree, but even as adults starseeds have an incredible ability to visualize and ponder the most incredible things. These images and insights are often very vivid. These mental journeys and daydreams tend to go beyond the stereotypical 'fantasies' of earth and can often feel very real.

Starseed children often feel more comfortable communicating with animals, nature, trees, and even inatimate objects such as stuffed animals or toys when they are very young; some may have a feeling or sense as if these things are 'conscious' and can understand them. It is the 'energy' of these beings and objects that the starseed may be sensing, but with animals and people it can be early signs of an empathic or telepathic ability. Many starseed children, including adults, have a fondness for particular creatures like felines and wild cats, birds such as owls and eagles, and some even like reptiles.

In general, starseed children have a deep connection, love and appreciaton of nature and animals. They feel comfortable and energized outdoors in natural settings, and with animals there is always a deep and compassionate understanding for them. Most feel very attracted to the water as well and swimming can be very healing and calming for starseeds.

It is their sensitive nature, compassion and empathy that often inspires starseed children to devolop an interest in various forms of healing. Many will continue to devolop these healing abilities as they get older or enter into careers involving healing.

In fact, starseeds begin to question what is 'real' even at that very young age. They often ponder or ask deep or serious questions, have a healthy and genuine curiousity about the people around them and the world in general. They may question everything and always want to know 'why' something is the way it is. Star seed children can even ponder the deepest of questions about reality and delve into concepts such as reincarnation and life after death.

Starseeds may have unsual experiences in childhood that they tend to never forget. Starseeds also have memories of some unique or very emotional dreams, even some that feel very 'real' as if they are more memories rather than dreams.

Many starseeds remember having a profound or unsual experience around the ages of 5-11 years old that may relate to UFO's, 'aliens' or the stars, while other may have more paranormal experiences with ghosts or shadow figures.

Please note that most of the starseed traits and characteristics are very similar to those associated with Indigo Children and Lightworkers. All of them do share a common purpose on the planet. Many children that are considered Indigo's are actually starseed children, but not all Indigos are star seeded souls. Starseed children share many things in common with Indigo children such as their empathic and introverted nature, but tend to carry these particular traits well into adulthood. Lightworkers are simply individuals who have consciously chosen to walk a spiritual path, to raise their own vibration and to help spread love and light into the world to assist with the ascension process. Anyone, including starseeds and indigos can be lightworkers.

Physical Symptoms and Signs of Starseeds

Starseeds often experience sensitivity to extreme hot or cold (most of them being more intolerant to cold). They either can not tolerate the cold as much and prefer warmer or even hot weather, or they are more comfortable in colder weather and find heat intolerable.

They may have a high tolerance for pain (or sometimes the extreme opposite and the starseed may be extremely sensitive to pain for some reason). Many starseeds have a high immunity to many viruses that would effect others easily. When they do become sick--which is not that often, they may recover more quickly.

Many have a strong body (no matter what body type they may have) and it is not uncommon for a starseed to have never broken a bone within their life. They often heal very quickly from any sprains or injuries to the body. Even if weak in appearance starseeds can be have much physical strength and even an inner strength at exact moments when they need it.

A strange symptom of some starseeds is that they may have a tendency to bruise very easily and often do not remember how they bumped themselves or got the bruise. They might find other unusual marks or scratches on their body at times and not recall how they might have gotten these.

They may have a prominant birthmark or mole somewhere on their body. Sometimes a few birthmarks or freckles that they have are unusal in appearance or even form an unsual shape, design or pattern.

Many starseeds feel an aversion to bright and unnatural lighting. Starseeds find peace and solace in natural sunlight. They tend to have an affinity with nature and many have a fondness for trees in particular, especially willow trees for some reason. Many starseeds feel more at home with plants and animals than with other humans.

Many starseeds have acute hearing or an above average hearing range. They can be extrememely sensitive to sound and loud or chaotic noise disturbs them immensely. It's not uncommon for starseeds to sometimes hear strange or unsual high pitched frequencies or tones in one of their ears. This often happens during periods of accelerated soul growth and can even be accompanied by head pressure, tingling, or other sensations that seem unusual in any area of the body. These phsyical experiences can happen out of the blue and occur for a period of days or week, then suddenly the symptoms dissapear just as abruptly.

A common physical trait found amound starseeds is having blond hair, or hair of any color but with a reddish tint. Eyes can vary in color but many will have unsual or eccentric eyes, either in shape or color, but often just in their intensity. The eyes of a starseed can often be large and bright or have a unique spark to them. As a child, this can be even more intense.

Many starseeds have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and typically any medicine, while others tend to have an extremely high tolerance to such things. All such physical tendencies such as these can vary depending on the individual and can fluctuate over time. This is true with most people but starseeds tend to be at a higher risk and must try to avoid withdrawing into escapism involving abuse of any substance (or abuse of anything as a rule) to cope with reality or deal with pain. This can cloud the starseed vision and delay their progress, but if it occurs early in life it can often lead to deep insight and life changing experiences which pave the way for their later awakening. The more awakened a starseed becomes, the less they rely on, desire or can even tolerate certain chemical substances. Most will then continue to make more conscious and positive decisions regarding their health in general.

A majority of starseeds even as young adults are night owls and enjoy staying up later than the average person. There is a peaceful feeling of solitude and clarity that starseeds feel at night. Those who do sleep earlier may find themselves suddenly awakening for no reason often around 3am. Many starseedshave unsual sleep patterns or find that they can get by on less sleep than the average person, but still there are periods where they may feel extreme fatigue and need more sleep than usual.

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