Synchronicity - A Meaningful Coincidence

"When you notice the same coincidence happening more than once and it begins to take on meaning, then it becomes a Synchronicity."

Coincidences are common. They can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. They actually happen more often than people think, but not everyone is always aware of these coincidences every time they occur. A majority of people don't pay much attention to them or find anything meaningful about them. For these people, what could be a powerful and meaningful synchronicity, is merely considered a coincidence and simply forgotten.

But when someone notices the same or similar coincidental experience or event occurring more than once, then it may start to take on a special meaning for them. It becomes a synchronicity. When one learns to becoming aware of synchronicity, they will begin to understand why it is happening to them. Synchronicities "can be" thought of as "coincidences", but the main difference is that not everyone gives these coincidences meaning or thought (or even notices them when they happen). A Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence, and one that is happening for a reason.

How can one start to notice Synchronicity? And how can the meaning be discovered?

The key is to become more aware of yourself, and your environment, such as the people, places, and things that make up your world. This also includes becoming aware of your "inner world", which are your personal experiences, thoughts, dreams, and feelings. When you become aware of your inner and outer world you will start to notice synchronicities occurring every single day.

Synchronicities can help guide us by giving us insights and intuition into our lives, and into past and future events.

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you think to yourself, "wow, what a coincidence.." , stop at that moment and become aware of the situation and event that got your attention. Pay special attention to the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing at that moment. It's also important to consider the thoughts and feelings that you experienced prior to the coincidence occurring. What were you thinking about at that moment? How does the coincidence make you feel? Now ask yourself why it's happening.. Always trust your first impression or response. Trust your intuition.

You also gain insight into the experience that caused the coincidence by remembering the experiences that pervious day or even the previous week. There may be something you need to know, or the experience could be guiding you in a specific direction. Ask yourself how the experience, person, place or thing that caused the coincidence is related to you, or something that is happening in your life. Perhaps it's related to something that has been on your mind recently.

Maybe your wondering why you become aware of that particular coincidence/synchroncity at that particular moment. Is the universe trying to get your attention? What is trying to tell you? Coincidences happen more than you think they do. The more aware you are of the world around you, and within you, the more you will notice these synchronicities occurring within your life. Synchronicities always have meaning. All coincidences are merely synchronicities in disguise. The more you stop and take notice of the synchronicities the more insight you will gain into why it is occurring to you, and what it's meaning might be. Sometimes the meaning is obvious, and other times, it requires you to trust in yourself and your intuition, or in a higher power that may be guiding you. Whatever your belief, being aware of synchronicity is a wonderful and sometimes mysterious experience. It inspires and invites us to explore deeper into the mysterious workings of our life, our world, and our reality.

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