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The year 2012 is just just around the corner. Will it be the end or is it just the beginning? Find out more about these changing times and what to expect. The spiritual transformation that is taking place within our physical bodies and the planet earth is already happening now and will peak in the year 2012. The signs are all around us--and within us. Here are some interesting videos about the year 2012 related to cosmic and earth changes, prophecies and the ascension.

Everything 2012 Earth Changes Part 1 of 3.

Watch Parts 2 and 3

2012 ~ A Shift In Consciousness

On December 21, 2012, when the earth moves fully into the Photon belt, and the Solstice sun is in alignment with the Galactic equator, will you be ready for lift off Into a state of heart centered ~ Multi~Dimensionality?

Transformation 2012 Pt.1

Spontaneous DNA, The Rapture, and The Rise to Fourth Density

More Videos About 2012 Prophecy and The Earth Changes

The Maya of Eternal Time 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek
Drunvalo Melchizedek's original webcast about the Mayan prophecies about 2012. The leader of Mayan Council of elders Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez told him to tell the teachings.

December 21 2012 The End?

Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 1 of 5: The Threat
Shows how the approach of Planet X is already changing our world

Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 2 of 5: Scientific Proof
Presents scientific proof for a catastrophic return of Planet X in 2012.

Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 3 of 5: Historical Proof
Presents historical proof for past catastrophic flybys of Planet X and ancient predictions regarding 2012.

Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 4 of 5: Surviving
Eexamines the massive Planet X preparations our governments are making in anticipation of a 2012 Planet X flyby.

Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 5 of 5: Beyond 2012
Offers a post-2014 vision of our world and how humanity will rebuild after the Planet X flyby.

Why 2012? Mayan Calander Doomsday Prophecy
Coast to Coast interview with Art Bell and Graham Hancock. December 2012 the End of the Mayan Calendar and the start of something new.

2012 : Changes are Now
Pictures and messages for the coming changes of 2012

DNA Awakening - Spontaneous Dna - Cities of Light 11 11
Get ready for the Dimensional Shift. Talks about the how are bodies, and our world is changing through vibration.

Global Ascension & Rebirth
Faith Spirituality Ascension 2012 Angels Lightbeings Starseeds Global Birth Unconditional Love Christ Consciousness

The 2012 Theory - Short Documentary
This video contains Mayan and scientific cosmic perspectives leading toward Dec.21, 2012.

2012 its not the end. pt1

The Book of Light: 2012 Is Coming...Are you ready?
The Book of Light...drawn from the shelves of the living library of universal consciousness known as the Akashic record

Earth Changes and the Year 2012

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