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Taromancy is the art of divination through the use of Tarot cards. Also known as Cartomancy. There are several type of spreads that can be used for a reading. A question is asked and the Tarot Cards are layed out according to the type of spread selected, and are then interpreted in order to gain insight into the situation or question being asked.

*Reversals: In a Tarot Reading Reversed Cards can be read to have an opposite meaning then those right side up. Some Tarot Readers do not use reversed meanings for cards. You can select the heck the "reversals" box above if you would like the reversed manings of the cards interpreted.interpreted.

*Significator: In a Tarot Reading the Significator is a card that represent the Querent (you) in a reading. It is usually laid out first and all subsequent cards that make up the spread follow. You can check the "significator" box above if you would like this first card to be laid out in your reading.

I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination. The I Ching is also called “Classic of Changes” or the "Book of Changes" and is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book is a symbol system used to identify order in chance events. The text of the I Ching is a set of predictions represented by a set of 64 abstract line arrangements called hexagrams that are randomly drawn in patterns and are then interpreted.

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Biorhythm charts illustrate the principle that we are influenced by physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles. Many people can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring the highs and lows of these cycles and acting accordingly. By interpreting your biorhythms you can seek to make predictions regarding these cycles and the personal ease of carrying out tasks related to the cycles.


Runes are sets of symbols that are used for divination and magickal purposes. Runes from different origins have different symbols and meanings. Runic Divination is based on interpretation of the ideograms contained within the Proto-Germanic Elder Futhark and other Runic systems.

Free Daily Readings
Get your free Free daily Tarot, I-Ching and Runes, brought to you by Facade.com.

Stichomancy (Also known as Bibliomancy) is one of the oldest forms of divination. The querant opens to a random page of randomly selected book , to find an excerpt that applies to the situation at hand, or randomly selecting a passage from a book, frequently a sacred text. Insight is then given into the situation or question being asked..


Numerology is divination through numbers. Numbers are energy and each of them have vibrations. Your birthdate and even your name (when converted to numbers) holds meaning. The personality of an individual as well as future events can be determined using the numerical interpretation of numbers, dates, and the number value of letters.

Numerology Explained
Learn about numerology and the hidden meaning of numbers, calculate your own charts, get interpretations and more.

Free daily Tarot, I-Ching and Runes Readings
Get your free Free daily Tarot, I-Ching and Runes, brought to you by Facade.com.

Zener Card Psychic Test
Test your psychic predictiona bility with the famous zener card psychic test.

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