The 11:11 Phenomenon

Why Are More And More People Starting To See 11:11?

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Those who first start seeing or searching for the meaning of the 11:11 are awakening to the changes around them. It's happening now. The world around us, and even our reality is starting to change. All things including numbers have specific vibrations/frequencies. The eleven is a very spiritual and powerful number. And just like the other numbers and symbols around us, the 11:11 is part of the collective consciousness.

The 11:11 phenomenon may be occurring because masses of people are starting to shift into a new vibration and a into higher awareness. More and more people are noticing these and other synchronicities in their daily lives. Becoming aware usually leads one towards new ways of thinking, and new experiences. When you become aware of the invisible doorway that connects one to all things, including the universe itself, then one can really say that they have known god, infinite source, cosmic awareness, etc, (again, whatever term you feel comfortable with). When you have the knowledge. you have the power to change your reality, or at least the way you "think about reality".

When you turn on the evening news it's hard to imagine that things will get better in the world. But it can and it will. There are millions of people who are working on the side of love and light. Evil and darkness flees in the presence of light. Light can be a kind and loving word, positive and healing thoughts, or good intentions of any kind.

Whether it's caused by DNA activation or a spiritual awakening from god, 11:11 experiences may be a "wake up" call for lightworkers, and there are many more lightworkers then ever before. A Lightworker is a person who is on a spiritual path of love and light. As a lightworker, one has the awareness and desire which allows god, source, light, love, or universal energy to fill them up, so that this energy can poured back out into the world, spreading this love and light. Doing this helps raise the consciousness of humanity, and even the vibration/frequency of everything within the earth itself. Our world and it's inhabitants is definitely in need of this healing energy in such troublesome times!

The new wave of indigo and crystal children that we are seeing is a good indication of how this new energy is manifesting. The lightworkers, and the Indigo and crystal children, are usually operating on a different frequency and have DNA that has already been, or in the process of being activated. In fact this is happening to our entire planet! Even the plants and the animals are changing and adapting in many ways. This is considered the Ascension process, and it is really going to shape the future of the world.

As more and more people tune into this vibration/frequency/energy a snowball effect takes place. They may, or may not be consciously aware of this happening all the time. For some it may even be happening on a subconscious level. Many people are so caught up in the program-like reality of their day to day lives that they would otherwise overlook such synchronicities like the 11:11. Perhaps 11:11 is an invitation into a journey of self-exploration, a new way of thinking, a new reality, or a new future for mankind. Every-one can make a difference!

It's interesting to note that many people who do further research into the 11:11 phenomenon start to become aware of the amazing synchronicities that involve the The Number 11, and it's mysterious connection to specific celestial and historical events, as well as prophecies of future events that relate to The Year 2012

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