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If you still consider yourself a big fan of the television show 'The X-Files', of if your favorite movies of all time is still 'Alien,' then UFO's and paranormal activities probably interest you a lot. In the past, people would go to libraries to look for more information about these subjects, but there weren't many references available that would really satisfy your curiousity or provide more extensive information. Very few people believed in concepts such as supernatural power or alien visitors from another planet, or else there just wasn't enough evidence and reliable resources to go around. To many of the non-believers, paranormal subjects were the works of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Today, with the advancement in technology and the introduction of the internet, a wealth of information on anything and everything can be found on the world wide web. This allowed the believers and non-believers alike to share information about their own personal experiences and to research more into subjects such as UFO's, extraterrestrials, and paranormal abilities. Along with this new surge of text information and books came a multi-media explosion of documentaries and even person video footage that claims to provide more authentic evidence of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters.

But on the downside of this information explosion there came a large amount of obviously faked or just plain ridiculous stories and video footage detailing events that make the skeptics and even the believers scoff. Much of this bogus material has given the UFO field a bad name; productions of major hollywood films that portray the phenomenon in a negative manner have not helped mcuh either.

But still, to many believers, the concept of extraterrestrial life is very real. Many of these people are serious researchers into the subject and sifting through the nonsense to find authentic evidence can be challenging but also very rewarding. The more seriously the subject is taken, the more valuable information can be circulated on the internet helping to increase the awareness of the facts, while even convincing a few long time skeptics of the possibility that there is much more to the UFO phenomenon than meets the eye.

There are millions of people across the world who believe in ghosts, ufo's and other paranormal topics, and this number is only increasing. Countless numbers of individuals are doing extensive research in the field of UFO's and Extraterrestrial life; there are a wide variety of groups and organizations where people can get together to research data, compare evidence, share personal experiences, and get the authentic information out to the public, while debunking the obviously faked video footage and evidence, in order to separate the science fiction from the more authentic cases.

For those who are simply curious, there are many UFO forums and social networks on the web where like-minded people can intereact, make new friends from across the globe and connect to learn something new about these topics. This provides a safe place for many who wish to share their experiences or personal beliefs; this allows many to let go of the fear of being ridiculed or made out to be crazy, simply for wanting to expand their mind to consider the possibility that we may not be alone in this universe. Many legitimate UFO investigation and research organizations, such as MUFON, also give the public a way to report their own personal UFO sightings or Extraterrestial experiences anonamously.

More and more people are awakening to the possibility or the reality that 'we are not alone'. But for those who have a genuine interest in the subject of UFO's and Extraterrestrial Life, or have personal experiences to share--you are not alone.

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