The Number Eleven

What Do These 'Coincidences' With The Number 11 Mean?

The 1111 can manifest in the most unsual and unexpected of places and spaces. There is often a message in the pattern of numbers for those who are aware of the meanings that are hidden beneath the surface. One should draw their own conclusions as to the significance of these numbers and what they might mean within the context of these seemingly random historical and modern events. Often, we see what we want to see and when we are looking for something we tend to find it. But our beliefs and perceptions do play a significant role in the reality that we experience every day in our own lives, and numbers can guide us in mysterious ways allowing us to 'connect the dots' within the details in order to then zoom out and contemplate the larger picture.

11 is also considered a Master Number in Numerology. Also, there is a phenomenon happening around the world where people are frequently having meaningful Experiences with seeing the time and number sequence 11:11 appearing in their lives in unexpected and unusual ways.

There are numerous other connections to the number 11 that synchronistically connect the various people, places and events that took place on and around and involving the September 11th, 2001 Attacks. There are far too many to list them all here but feel free to verify the accuracy of these 'coincidences' for yourself if you have any doubt that there may be a powerful message for us to see here; We must ask ourselves why particular conditions surrounding these tragic events seem to be bringing the number '11' into our conscious awareness.

There is an majority of people (and an overwhelming amount of evidence) that the September 11th, Attacks were an "inside job" and that the event was planned out and set to occur on this date. There are several theories as to what would motivate a pre-meditated event of such magnitude and which individuals may have been involved and why. But you can explore these theories further if you feel the need to.

Does this mean that the 11 is a negative number or "bad" in any way because it seems to be so intricately intertwined with such a negative or sinister situation? No. But the number 11 does remind us in a way that all things are indeed connected and there is a pattern and purpose to nature. We as a humanity are not separate from nature and our 'inner world' (in this case, inner turmoil) is often reflected in the 'external world' or turmoil of the physical world.

The Eleven often urges us to 'take another look' at a current situation within our lives and often points to something that requires our attention. The World Trade Tower attacks may have been the 'external' wake up call for those who 'have eyes to see' that there is no such thing as coincidence. Those who are familiar with the 11:11 Phenomenon may have received this "wake up call" from within, since the synchronistic way in which these number appear within the individual's life often carry with it significant personal meaning and often occurs around times of tragedy and transformation.

The Synchronicity involving the number 11 and the 11:11 might also resonate and remind many of us of the Hermetic Principle of Correspondance: As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without in that there is a connection between all planes of reality; the microcosmic is reflected in the macrocosmic, and vice versa; The inner world of the conscious observer is connected to the outer observable reality. With 11:11, two dots in the middle of each 11 can represents the veil that separates the two; the illusion of duality, yet the number 1 itself represents unity and reminds us that all things that appear separate are indeed connected in more ways than meet the eye.

So why are there so many '11's' showing up in connection to the September 11th event? It depends on how you look at it. If what we are focused on internally is being mirrored in the external world at large, then one's awareness of the 11's can simply be showing them this particular principle in action. While for others, the 11's may form a pattern that points their attention to some truth that is hidden beneath the surface of the events that took place that took place that day.

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