The 12 Astrological Houses of the Zodiac

Most horoscopic traditions of astrology systems divide the horoscope into a number of houses whose positions depend on time and location rather than on date.
The houses of the horoscope represent different spheres of life, described in terms of physical surroundings as well as personal life experiences.

the 12 astrological houses of the zodiac The Zodiac is divided into 12 distinct sections (or astrological signs) of about 30 degrees each. Each of these sections is considered a house of the Zodiac. So the houses are divisions of the ecliptic plane (the path of the sun across the sky) as seen from the earth at the time and place of the horoscope in question. They are numbered counter-clockwise from the position of the eastern horizon (the cusp of the first house) at the time of the subject being charted. In a birth/natal chart, the Ascendent or "Rising Sign" marks the position of the first house in the horoscope.

The Ascendent is the astrological sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at that exact moment of birth. In a horoscope the 11 astrological signs that follow the rising sign are placed in each of the numbered houses, following the order of the zodiac.

To calculate the houses for your personal horoscope, it is necessary to know the exact time, date, and location of borth. In natal astrology, some astrologers will use a birth time set for noon or sunrise if the actual time of birth is unknown. An accurate interpretation of such a chart, however, cannot be expected.

The Babylonians were the first to set out the twelve houses used today by the majority of astrologers. These are their traditional Latin names of the twelve houses, with their translations and other associated influences. This represents the basic outline of the houses as they are still understood today.

astrology glyph 1st house aries
The First House / The House of Self

Natural Ruler: Aries
Latin: Vita meaning "Life".

The first house governs ths outward expression of who you are, your personality,traits and characteristics. It represents "first impressions", and the way others see you. It is the "real" you. The whole package, and also represents your eneral outlook into the world. Early childhood is also ruled by the First House. It also represents the individual ego. Also beginnings and initiatives.Early childhood is also ruled by the First House. The challanging exeriences of the 1rst house lead to the devolopment of your own unique identity, and how you present it to the world. Traditionally this house is associated with one's physical or outward appearance.

astrology glyph 2nd house taurus
The Second House / The House of Value

Natural Ruler: Taurus
Latin: Lucrum meaning "Wealth".

The second house governs material possessions, and immaterial things that are of value. This house also represents money. belongings, property and even debt. It represents growth, substance, and self-worth. The objects, talents, and qualities that you treasure, cherish, enjoy, and hold on to for security are represented here. The challanging exeriences of the 1rst house lead to the defining and refining of your sense of values and what you posess. Traditionally this house is associated with inner and outer talents, resources and personal values.

astrology glyph 3rd hosue gemini
The Third House / The House of Communication

Natural Ruler: Gemini
Latin: Fratres meaning "Brothers".

The third house governs early education and childhood environment. It is about intelligence and mental abilities. The third house also represents one's siblings and neighbors. Quick travel and short trips are represented here as well. This house also deals with all kinds of written and verbal communication, which can be used to help or to harm. It's about thinking, possessing and then sharing information or ideas. The challanging exeriences of the 3rd house lead to the organization of personal experiences in order to formulate your "snapshot" of the world, and then communicate this personal perception to others. Traditionally this house is associated with brothers and sisters, basic education, quick physical movements and thinking.

astrology glyph 4th house cancer
The Fourth House / The House of Home and Family

Natural Ruler: Cancer
Latin: Genitor meaning "Parents".

The fourth house governs ancestry, heritage, traditions, roots, the early foundations of life and environment. It also represents the mother figure, or caretaker in one's life. The challanging exeriences of the 4th house leads to the devolopment of your capacity for emotional closeness with others. It is how you find emotional securit and how you deal with issues from childhood. This house also relates to physical structures such as houses and real estate. Traditionally this house is associated with nurturing in general, the parental figure, inherited traits, unconditional love, and the type of home you establish for yourself.

astrology glyph 5th house leo
The Fifth House / The House of Pleasure

Natural Ruler: Leo
Latin: Nati meaning "Children".

The fifth house governs recreation, leisure, enjoyment, entertainment and creative activities, and even risk-taking. It is anything that gives one a sense of personally pleasure. The fifth house also represents children and childlike fun. It's also related to romantic ove affairs, sex and creative self-expression. caretaker in one's life. The challanging exeriences of the 5th house leads to the development of your creativity and your self-esteem. Traditionally this house is associated with children or the desire to have children, enthusiasm, motivation and all creative forms of expression.

astrology glyph 6th house virgo
The Sixth House / The House of Health

Natural Ruler: Virgo
Latin: Valetudo meaning "Health".

The second house governs routine tasks, duties, errands and responsabilities. The details of the everyday life. It represents aquired skills and training, services, as is related to jobs and employment, co-workers and management. The 6th house is also represents health and overall well-being. It is also related to pets and small domestic animals. The challanging exeriences of the 4th house leads to the seeking of competence in order to function efficiently in your daily life, in your physical body, and any field related to work and service to others. Traditionally this house is associated with work in general, health related issues in genral including food and diet, personal habits and pets.

astrology glyph 7th house libra
The Seventh House / The House of Partnerships

Natural Ruler: Libra
Latin: Uxor meaning "Spouse".

The seventh house governs close friendships and relationships. Marriage and business partners are also represented here. This house is also related to contracts, agreements,treaties, and diplomatic relations of all kinds, including known (and unknwon) enemies. It also represents the qualities that we are attracted to in a partner. The challanging exeriences of the 7th house leads the devolopment of committed relationships with others. Traditionally this house is associated with your attitudes toward spouses and partners, intimate relationships and close friends, dealings with the public, and what you look for in others.

astrology glyph 8th house scorpio
The Eighth House / The House of Death and Sex

Natural Ruler: Aries
Latin: Mors meaning "Death".

The eighth house governs deaths and rebirth. Also represented here is sex, sexual relationships, and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. The 8th house is also related to joint funds and finances, and another person's resources. It also represents the occult, psychic matters, and taboo subjects. It is the house of regeneration and self-transformation. The challanging exeriences of the 8th house leads to the harnessing of powers that from the deep psyche, and to the focusing of one's energy and power to create change on a profound level. Traditionally this house is associated with other peoples's possessions and money, sex in general,death and regeneration.

astrology glyph 9th house sagittarius
The Ninth House / The House of Philosophy

Natural Ruler: Sagittarius
Latin: Iter meaning "Journeys".

The ninth house governs foreign travel and foreign countries, long distance travels and journeys. It is also related to religion, law and ethics. Higher education, knowledge, and experience through expansion is also represented here. The challanging exeriences of the 9th house leads to the broadening of one's philosophical perspectives and to the realization of your highest odeals and potentials. Traditionally this house is associated with the higher mind and higher education, law, philosophy, travel and adventure, luck and optimism.

astrology glyph 10h house capricorn
TheTenth House / The Social Statusof Self

Natural Ruler: Capricorn
Latin: Regnum meaning "Kingdom".

The tenth house governs ones overall ambitions and motivation, espcially related to career, or status in society. This house is also related to government, authority, and the father figure or breadwinner of the household. The 10th house also represents one's public appearance/impression at large. The challanging exeriences of the 10th house leads to the earning of respect and to recognition in the world. Traditionally this house is associated with ambitious pursuits, personal status in a group or in society, reputation and career, and restrictions made by parents.

astrology glyph 11th house aquarius
The Eleventh House / The House of Friendships

Natural Ruler: Aquarius
Latin: Benefacta meaning "Friendships".

The eleventh house governs friendships and acquaintances who have like-minded attitudes. It represents social groups, clubs and societies of all kinds, especially higher associations. The 11th house is also related to benefits and fortunes arising from career, and one's hopes and wishes. The challanging exeriences of the 11th house leads to the establishing of a relationship with group consciousness and contributions or gifts to the community. Traditionally this house is associated with humanitarian actions and ideals, organizations, associations, friends, dreams, desires, ambitions and shared ideals.

astrology glyph 12th house pisces
The Twelveth House / The House of Self-Undoing

Natural Ruler: Pisces
Latin: Carcer meaning "Prison".

The twelveth house governs mysticism, and the unconscious/subconscious. It also represents places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments, retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. This house also related to things which are hidden or not apparent to yourself, but obvious to others. Unknown enemies are represented here. The challanging exeriences of the 12th house leads to the exploration of your inner depths through solitude and silence, and to discern between truth and illusion. Traditionally this house is associated with the unconscious,self undoing, sacrifice, karma, secrets, secret enemies, hidden influences, hospitals and institutions of confinement.

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