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The Moon Sign in Astrology

“The Moon rules our emotional nature, how we react in situations, and what is needed in our lives to make us feel emotionally safe and secure"” ~Rosemary Breen, Horoscope Compatibility for All the Zodiac Signs

the moon

The Moon is the earth's companion satellite. The Moon's gravity has an affect the Earth, stabilising its orbit and producing the regular ebb and flow of the tides. The Moon also has it's different phases, waxing and waning in appearance in an unchanging cycle. The Moon, along with the sun sign and the Ascendent(rising sign), is a very important feature in a natal/birth chart. Like the Sun, in astrology the moon is also considered a planet. The Moon takes about 27 days to make a complete orbit around the earth. It passes through all twelve signs of the zodiac spending a little over 2 days in each one.

To get your moon sign you would need to know which astrological sign the moon was in at birth. Because the moon moves so quickly through each sign, you will need to know the exact time and location of your birth.

the moon sign in astrology While the sun sign represents the "outer" expression of your personality, the moon is the "inner child" or emotional self. It represents ones subconscious mind, personal feelings, and the unconscious habits and instincts. Whenever deep feelings are involved, the moons influence may play a significent role. Moon qualities tend to emerge when one is under stress or involved in a crisis. Sometimes the full moon can have strange and powerful effect on a persons emotions and behaviour. The moon reveals our true nature and exposes who we really are inside.

The moon also represents the home, the private life, the past, and childhood experiences. It's the way that you express yourself when you are around those whom you feel comfortable with, and whenever you feel safe and secure. The moon is also associated with the mother, maternal instincts or the urge to nurture.

The Moon is the ruling planet of the sign Cancer. In Chinese Astrology the moon represents the yin, the receptive feminine life principle. In Indian astrology the moon represents the mind, queenship, mother, emotions, sensitivity, softness and imagination. In Roman mythology, the Moon was represented by Diana, the hunter goddess.

The moon's nodes are also important in traditional Astrology. The nodes are where the moon's path crosses the ecliptic, which is the sun's path across the sky. Astrologers also consider the phase of the moon at the time of birth in interpreting its effects on the individual. Here you can check the moon phase at the time of your birth.

Many people feel that they relate to their Moon Sign qualities more than their Sun Sign characteristics. The Moon in a chart can explain why two people with the same Sun sign can be so different. The Moon is said to rule your personality, while the Sun rules your individuality. The Ascendent (rising sign) indicates your outer appearance and mannerisms.

There is much more to Astrology then just your Moon sign, Ascendent, and Sun sign. Your personality is a unique combination of many influences from the other Planets in the solar system, and the aspects between them. The positions and movements of each of these celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth can give you a more detailed and accurate picture of who you are, and what lies ahead.

Once you have determined what your moon sign is, click on the sign below to learn a little more about who you really are deep down inside.

If you are not sure what your moon sign is then you can use one of these free Moon Sign Calculator. To ensure accuracy double check that your information is entered correctly, such as the time zone and AM/PM for birth time.

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Moon in ARIES

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The Moon Sign Descriptions

zodiac sign aries the ram


Moon in Aries represents someone who is spontaneous and excitable. But there is also a tendency for hostility, aggression and even violence. You might get irritated very easily. The Aries Moon individual does not rely on anyone else but himself/herself. You can be very dominant in situations and dealings with other people. You like to have everything go your way and you won't allow yourself to be bullied in any way. Being pushed around can bring out that temper.

Aries Moon is self disciplined and they have no problem initiating projects or going after what they want. These individuals do not like being told what to do in any way. You can be somewhat impulsive and this can cause problems. You tend to rush into things head on, and sometimes you don't look where your going, and this can lead to trouble.

People either love you or hate you because of your aggressive and impatient nature. Aries Moon Signs would do well in any position of authority because they have excellent leadership skills. Although, this individual can sometimes be too strict or domineering. You march to your own drum and sometimes you always think you know what's best for everyone, mostly yourself. You set your own pace and not much deters you, except boredom or lack of control.

Aries Moon may have difficulty where personal relationships are concerned. Sometimes you are not sympathetic to other people's problems, and hurt feelings on your part can sometimes cause lack of communication in a romantic relationship. Moon in Aries in it's negative aspect can cause you to be cold and aloof in the relationship when your needs are not met. When you don't meet your own needs and expectations you might take it out on other people. You anger might also cause you to do things you regret later.

Aries Moon signs are also very secretive people at times. Since you don't rely on anyone else you don't really need to explain yourself to anyone. Sometimes you assume that keeping things to yourself may give you an advantage. This can cause you to be a little underhanded in business or when there is competition involved. You secretly will do anything to win.

Overall Moon in Aries creates an individual who is good at making plans and love adventure of all shapes and forms. You are independent and your disciplined nature can create success, especially if you get to lead and make all the decisions.

zodiac sign taurus the bull


Moon in Taurus represents someone who is a bit conservative in their nature. You like things to b e predictable and sometimes you live a very routine life. You strive to feel comfortable and secure. There is a tendency to have a fear of change and anything that is outside of your comfort zone. You appreciate beauty and value the finer things in life. You like your environment to be aesthetically pleasing and you enjoy surrounding yourself with all of your favorite things.

Your not a very impulsive person and you definitely don't rush into things without first doing a little preperation and planning. You want to achieve success in all that you do, but you do it the smart way. You work hard towards your goals and you are conservative in your approach to your work. Taurus Moon Signs are very patient people, and they achieve success through diligence and determination.

Moon in Taurus individuals usually accumulate money throughout life because money equals security for them. They can also be a bit old-fashioned at times and have a tendency to stick with established routines, or out-dated methods. If it's not broken, why fix it? Taurus Moon Sign doesn't necessarily go after the things they want for the fame or the glory, they go after it because they feel they need it for their own peace of mind.

This Moon Sign is generally a very sociable person. You make a very dependable and trustworthy friend. People can rely on you, even if you do have a stuborn streak to you. You don't take well to criticism because you figure you know what's best for you and sometimes the word "change" frightens you a little. You don't like things to be unpredictable and you like keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground. Sometimes in Relationships you can smother the other person or restrict them because you don't want things to change. You need to learn how to grow with a relationship and express your emotions.

Moon in Taurus is also a very sensual person. You appreciate the art of loving but sometimes you can be a little materialistic where relationships are concerned. You can also be a little jealous because competition can make you feel insecure. Although you enjoy familiarity in your life, you also enjoy living it up. You don't mind meeting new people and your social life can be quite glamorous at times. You have a secret passion for all of the finer things in life and nothing is too good for you.

Moon in Taurus makes you a very strong-willed and determined individual so when you want something your willing to get in. But you rely on your feelings when it comes to making decisions and once you do, you rarely budge, only tread on. You can stay committed to something until the very end, despite the obstacles that stand in your way.

Sometimes though, you don't like confrontation and you will do your best to avoid those obstacles and any setbacks in life. You like things to be calm and serene. You rarely have outbursts of emotions unless it's caused by anger, and only when pushed beyong your limits. You'll hold your tongue for as long as you can just to keep the peace.

zodiac sign gemini the twins


Moon in Gemini creates an intellectual individual who is often restless in their nature. You love to exercise both your body and your mind. You have a dualistic personality and so you can sometimes scatter your energies in too many directions at once. Everything excites you and you enjoy being mentally stimulated. You have a deeper inner desire to know everything there is to know about everything.

A Gemini Moon also loves to have a variety of diverse friends, and an active social life. You love to have new experiences and the grass is always greener on the other side for you. You also loved to study, research and learn to subject. You like to talk, give advice, share your knowledge, discuss your favorite subjects, and sometimes you like to gossip. But this Moon Sign can balance both their home and social life with ease. Multi-tasking does come easy to this sign.

Moon in Gemini is filled with thoughts and ideas. You tend to move around a lot in life, physically and geographically. Sometimes you just love an adventure. Your very likable and people think your a lot of fun, but sometimes you can overwhelm people with your constant need for physical and mental excitement. You can be hard to keep up with.

This Moon sign is also attracted to writing and also science. Careers in these fields would be just what you need to keep your mind active. You would make a wonderful teacher as well. But there can be a tendency for fickleness where job/career is concerned. You sometimes get bored very easily. Sometimes deep inside you feel like there is always something better and more stimulating just around the corner. You don't want to miss out. You may change jobs frequently because of this.

Sometimes you are not as honest of a person as you could be. You may tell other people half-truths thinking it is in their best interest. Sometimes you have the ability to get away with it. The Gemini Moon sign makes for a very charming individual who can attract the right people at the right time. You can seemingly relate to everyone in some way or another. Sometimes you don't even know who you are yourself though, and can spend a lot of time over analyzing yourself, others, and everything else that comes your way in life.

This Moon Sign also loves a good mystery and would make a good detective. They love games and puzzles and anything else involving the power of the mind. They like to challenge themselves as well. Sometimes you take yourself way too seriously. Sometimes this sign gets so bogged down into the details of something that they can't see the forest for the trees.

zodiac sign cancer the crab


Moon in Cancer is in it's natural house here. The Moon-Cancer personality is is calm and relaxed, but also passionate, and at times, moody. You enjoy the creature comforts of life and you want to achieve success, but you sometimes lack stability in your life and your emotional nature can create shaky foundations. Your a flexible person, willing to take a chance or make a change, but sometimes your a little too flexible.

The Cancer Moon individual is very emotional at times. Your environment, and the people around you greatly influence how you feel from moment to moment. Your mood can be cheerful and relaxed one minute, then suddenly cranky or depressed the next. Sometimes you don't like other people to see the more emotional side of yoour personality so you try to hide it.

Moon in Cancer can cause one to be a bit secretive, and sometimes a bit of a loner. But Cancer Moon Signs can be quite sociable and friendly, but only when they feel comfortable with their surroundings, including the people. If you feel insecure, you will tend to hide your vulnerability underneath a tough outer shell, keeping others at a distance and not letting them know how sensitive you really are.

The Moon in Cancer Sign tends to be somewhat conservative. Your also tied to your family, especially your mother. Cancer Moon Signs usually feel comfortable at home surrounded by familiar things and people. You also have strong ties to your past and can sometimes be a bit old fashioned because of this.

You are very compassionate and you are perceptive when it comes to other people's emotions. You tend to be sympathetic and can sense how others feel, and you can make a marvelous friend. You really understand human nature and would even make a wonderful actor because you can mimic others very easily. This sign would also make a wonderful social worker or counselor because of their ability to emphasize with others naturally. Cancer Moon Signs are also very intuitive and somewhat gifted psychics at times. This is because you are so tuned into the outside world around you. You sense things that others are not aware of

Cancer Moon Signs usually enjoy being around water. Your emotions can be likened to the sometimes turbulent, sometimes calm, nature of water. Although you are moody at times, it's only because you are so sensitive. Being over sensitive and somewhat insecure can cause problems in a relationship. You might become a little clingy and this can chase away a more strong-willed partner. When you love, you love deeply. But you can also be hurt more deeply than others.

zodiac sign leo the lion


Moon in Leo represents a very strong, proud, and enthusiastic individual. Moon Leo's are also very kind-hearted and generous people. Leo Moon Signs can be responsible where work is concerned, although sometimes they take on too much responsibility. You have a regal air about you and you would much rather be a leader than a follower.

There is nothing this individual feels that they can't do. You do well in positions of authority and you would be a kind, confident and courageous leader. Moon Leo individuals have a tendency to be a little bossy and egotistical at times. They get angry if things don't go there way or if they are not given the credit they feel they deserve. This individual's pride is easily hurt.

Moon in Leo's have an easy time when in comes to love. They easily attract others because of their charming and optimistic personality. They are also susceptible to having numerous love affairs. Because this sign has such a big heart, they sometimes give too much of themselves or commit themselves to too many things, or people. You can be a very sincere person and you have the ability to earn the respect of other people around you, especially in the business world. You succeed at things because you won't accept anything less, and you strive to be your very best at everything you do, but you always do it sincerely and fairly.

When Moon Leo's shine, they light up the room. This sign has a flair for drama. Moon Leo's secretly want to be the center of attention, and they love to receive praise. Moon in Leo individuals are sociable people who usually have lots of friends and love entertaining them. You are also very generous with your loved ones, sometimes too much so. Leo Moons sometimes have a hard time holding onto money, only because there is nothing they feel they don't deserve once they decide they want it.

Moon Leo's are generous when it comes to love as well. They are loyal and supportive with their loved ones. They can be very affectionate (sometimes too much) and this is because Leo does everything in a big way. Moon in Leo creates an individual with a strong intellectual ability and a love of the arts. Leo Moon Signs are also have a flair for drama, and sometimes they themselves can be a little over-dramtic, especially when they are upset.

Moon in Leo bestows a love for entertainment, luxury, an almost child-like playfulness and creative abilities. You have a lively spirit and even when you are depressed, you pick yourself back up pretty quickly. Not much keeps you down long. Moon Leo's are also very good organizers because they love to perfect everything they do. Their intellectual skills make them good at working out the details of projects and they can also be very successful in the business world.

zodiac sign virgo the virgin


Moon in Virgo represents an individual who is quiet and modest. This sign also has a strong intellect and a very good memory, especially when it comes to the small details. You can be a bit of a perfectionist. Virgo Moons are also very health conscious and would do well even in a career having to do with health or healing. Virgo Moons are service oriented individuals and do well when they are in the roles where they can help, assist, fix, cure, or analyze a situation. Virgo Moons enjoy caring for others and run a smooth household. They will care for everyone who is sick, even when they are not feeling well themselves.

Moon in Virgo Signs are have strong morals and are usually very honest people. You want respect and you are willing to do everything the right way. You are also a very fair person and would make a good employee. Virgo Moons do have a tendency to over-analyze things too much. This can cause them a lot of unnecessary stress and tension. Because of the sharp mentality and cautious nature of a Virgo Moon, they are usually very good at handling their finances (they can balance the budget down to the exact penny).

Moon in Virgo individuals enjoy good friends and an active social life. They also enjoy traveling. Virgo Moons like everything to be in it's place (no only physically in their home environment) but in their personal/social life as well. When things go wrong, Virgo Moons have a tendency to ignore the problem. Sometimes, in relationships, you conceal problems because they make you feel overwhelmed. Virgo Moons get stressed out a lot but this is due to their constant need to analyze, especially other people's problems.

Virgo Moons enjoy giving advice and they can sometime meddle too much into the affairs of others, or be otherwise critical of other people. They tend to notice all of the details and especially the flaws where other people are concerned. But Virgo Moon Signs can also be very helpful in dealing with other people's problems and their attention to detail can sometime save the day. You enjoy investigating and solving problems and can usually get to the root of an issue, but only after carefully examining the situation from all angles.

Moon in Virgo individuals are extremely sensitive to other people, sometimes to the point of having a very acute sense of intuition or psychic perception. You sometimes know what others are thinking or feeling, not so much because of you empathetic abilities but because you are so observant and usually "figure things out". It may be hard for other people to deceive you. Virgo Moon's seem to always know what's going on around them. Above all, this signs seeks out the truth.

Virgo Moon has high standards when it comes to themselves and others. Sometimes you can be too hard on yourself. When a crisis strikes you tend to not rush into tackle the problem head on, but rather stop, think, weigh your options, and then you act, carefully, but confident. Virgo Moon's like to be prepared for things. Virgo Moon's seldom run into trouble though. Underneath the cool, analytical, and sometimes worrisome surface of a Virgo Moon is a sensitive person with high standards, high morals, and a deep capacity to love and care for others.

zodiac sign libra the scales


Moon in Libra is a social sign. They like to make lot's of friends, and they tend to attract many diverse types of people and unique situations to them. Libra Moon Signs like to balance the many aspects of their lives, from work to play. Libra Moon's want their environments to be pleasing and harmonious, especially at home. This sign will do anything to keep the peace.

Moon in Libra individuals are warm, affectionate, generous and of course popular. The Libra Moon life may revolve around people. You enjoy having company and make an excellent host. You are a people person, and the tie that binds you to your close friends is very important to you. Whether it's love interests or business associates, your charming nature can win the respect and admiration of others.

The Libra Moon individual loves people so much that sometimes they can be blind to the ill-will of others. They can be deceived and become victims of scams only because they easily trust other people, and dislike thinking bad about anyone. Bad judgment and trusting people too easily can lead you to be easily swayed and influenced by other people who have bad intentions.

This sign is also very artistic, even if this quality is unrecognized by Libra Moon themselves. You have a good sense of what is pleasing to the eye and what isin't. You appreciate fine art and beautiful things, good food, good wine, and good friends. You love being surrounded by excitement and luxery. Sometimes you can overindulge in these things. Many Libra Moon individuals are very good at music or have a strong interest in music. This sign also has a very good fashion sense and their wardrobe usually expresses this.

Moon in Libra has a harmonious outlook on life. Partnerships is one of the main themes of this sign. Libra Moon individuals enjoy being in relationships and will work hard to make a relationship work. They will try to balance their love of work, love, and life, so that everything is in harmony. If there is conflict in a relationship Libra Moon will work hard to smooth things over with the other person, and sometimes, they will keep things to themselves just to prevent the conflict in the first place.

Libra Moon Signs are easily influences by other people and there is always at least one person who is influencing the life of a Libra Moon in some profound way. Everything you tend to do in life tends to be influenced by some person. But when you are in the company of others, you are extremely productive. You work well when in a team, and you encourage cooperation, and when everyone is happy, so are you. Overall Libra Moon is sensual and understanding, cooperative and loving, and also appreciates art and culture, and strives to create a peaceful and harmonious environment that is surrounded by their favorite things, usually people.

zodiac sign scorpio the scorpion


Moon is Scorpio makes for a very intense individual. Sometimes you feel as if no one really understands you. There is a mystery and secretive side to the Scorpio Moon Personality. This Moon Sign is also a fighter by nature, and this can encourage a very violent temper at times. When in comes to conflict, you don't rely on anyone else to fight your battles, and you won't stand down. You have self assurance and much confidence in what you do and how you do it.

Sometimes though, Scorpio Moon has a tendency to bring out in themselves the very thing they are fighting against. This Sign also has a lot of energy and can be very blunt when it comes to expressing how they feel. You might say one thing, but feel something completely different inside. Your turbulent emotions can conflict with your actions and this can confuse others, even yourself. Sometimes, you are not comfortable with changing yourself in any way unless you work out these conflicting thoughts and feelings.

Moon in Scorpio is somewhat conservative in most areas of their life and resist change. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs because of their tendency to suddenly act out in anger, sometimes, for no reason at all. It seems that way to others but sometimes you don't see it. This sign is one of the worst to have as an enemy. Scorpio Moons have a tendency to seek revenge when someone hurts them. They don't mind waiting years to strike back when least expected.

Other people might think that you don't have any morals, but of course you do. In reality, you just have a strong will and intense determination. You have a love of pleasure, especially the physical kind. Scorpio Moon is a very passionate individual and usually has a very strong sex drive. They might have numerous love affairs in their life. Other people are sometimes magnetically drawn to you because you exude self confidence and sensuality. An overindulgence in pleasure, in any area of life, can sometimes cause difficulty for this sign,

This sign usually has a black or white outlook on life. They have strong likes and dislikes, and do and feel everything in an intense way. They either love something to the point of obsession, or they hate something with the same intensity. Sometimes it appears as if there is no in-between with this sign. Scorpio moon signs also go through life sometimes acting only on their intuitive hunches, and reading between the lines when it comes to the things other people say to them. They are acute observers when it comes to the actions, ideas, thoughts, intentions, and emotions of other people.

Moon in Scorpio is sometimes attracted to the occult, or paranormal fields. There is a profound spiritual side to their inner nature and sometimes they are downright psychic. Sometimes their work/career tends to be a little unconventional or is associated with risk taking in some way. If the intense Scorpio Moon emotions and strong will can be focused in one particular direction that is a positive one, they can create much happiness and success for themselves.

zodiac sign sagittarius the archer


Moon in Sagittarius represents an individual that is freedom-loving and extroverted. This Moon sign is benevolent and has a jovial approach to life. In fact, Sagittarius Moon individuals are usually very lucky people. Things seem to come your way and you always seem to be in the right place at the right time. You are optimistic about life and you have very high ideals.

Moon Sagittarians are also very generous, especially when it comes to their close friends and family. Sometimes this sign can be easily taken advantage of because of this. You like to be straight-forward with people, and you are also very sincere. Sagittarian Moon SIgns are intellectual and broad-minded. They have a philosophical outlook on life and tend to live in their heads at times.

The Moon in sagittarius individual is also very athletic and has a love for the outdoors. This is a freedom loving sign so any restrictions or limits will make this sign very depressed. There is a need for you to have physical activity in your life, whether it's a regular sport you play, a martial arts class, or a brisk daily walk. Lack of activity can cause a Sagittarian Moon to feel restless and filled with anxiety inside. There is also a tendency to over exert yourself though, and also a tendency to neglect the natural intellectual and philosophical side of your personality, and this can lead to imbalance and stress.

Moon Sagittarius is a very fun loving person, and they can also be somewhat scattered at times. You sometimes focus your energy in too many directions and this can wear you out. Sometimes you can be tactless or be a know-it-all. You can exaggerate situations sometimes, and this can upset the people around you.

This Sign just loves freedom. Because they are so active and adventure-loving, they enjoy traveling. This sign sometimes acts first, and thinks later. This can cause a bit of a problem when it comes to conversations. You always say what's on your mind. When it comes to work or career, this sign often has several, or has the ability to balance several different types of work. You also have the ability to size up other people, and you are perceptive to their emotions. You are intuitive about people or situations quite often. "I told you so", is a common motto. If loved one's get hurt, you sometimes take it personally. You are a kind hearted and honest friend.

This Moon Sign also has a short temper because of their easily excitable nature. But you rarely hold a grudge. You have a philosophical perspective on life and you love to teach other people. Often your dreams come true in life, and this is sometimes due to your frequent lucky streaks. This sign can't seem to stay in one place for too long. They have a love of life and are very easy going and laid back.

zodiac sign caprciorn the seagoat


Moon in Capricorn represents an individual who was born to be in a position of authority, in some way or another. This sign is very ambitious and dedicated. They are willing to work hard and long for there security or for the security of others, and they are also very ethical. In work this sign is well respected by others, and there is also a possibility that they can climb to a position of power or celebrity.

Sometimes Capricorn Moon Sign is a little insensitive of other people's emotions. This is sometimes because you are not very perspective. Other people might even see you as cold and calculating. But deep inside you have sensitive feelings and a deep capacity for love. Sometimes other people can be jealous of your success. There is even a possibilty that someone will try to damage your reputation because of this, something that is very important to you.

This sign is sometimes hard to figure out. You have a great deal of energy and this is why there is good chance you can become a workaholic. When it comes to relationships, sometimes you have a bit of trouble. There is usually one specific area of a Capricorn Moon's life where they lack control. But this is usually not in the area of finance. Capricorn Moon's are usually very good at handling money and are very frugal, but do love to splurge once in awhile. Moon in Capricorn individuals usually deserve it.

This sign also has a strong influence over other people. They are also great at entertaining others and make gracious hosts. Although there is an almost gloomy attitude about this sign, they can have a very dry sense of humor about them. This sign is a mover and a shaker. They usually achieve their goals and accomplish any tasks they set out to do. Being successful and having a sense of security is important to you. You will work hard at everything you do, especially if it is for a good cause.

When Capricorn Moon sets a goal for themselves, they will toward that goal one step at a time. This sign also gets a little restless if they are not making any progress. They are always happiest when they have a dream in progress and something to strive for. They pride themselves in their achievements. They also have incredible endurance when it comes to the hard work involved in creating a solid foundation for themselves. This individual also has a strong appreciation for the more materialistic side of life, and they take pride in their possessions and their home.

Sometimes they get uncomfortable having too much free time on their hands. Idle time is not something Moon in Capricorn lavishes in. Capricorn Moon's also enjoy being around family and friends. They are generous and caring, loving and protective. When in comes to romantic relationships, you don't tend to rush into anything serious right away. Love is a serious thing for you. But in the end, you make up for it with your compassion and your loyalty. You are a very trustworthy person and most people can rely on you.

zodiac sign aquarius the water bearer


Moon in Aquarius represents someone who is very perceptive and imaginative. This sign can usually get along with most anyone, and usually they have a very diverse or unique group of friends. They can very good listeners and receptive to the opinions of others, and also very sympathetic. They really understand human nature. But the Moon in Aquarius attitude towards life is a little eccentric most of the time.

You are prone to being a little unorthodox in your beliefs or when it comes to your personal interests. You are independent and unconventional. You have eccentric interests and hobbies they will attract eccentric people to you as well. Some people think you are a bit strange. But this is just the moon in Aquarius nature. You are attracted to anything that is social, intellectual, unusual, or original. This sign does well in scientific fields of work, social work, or even politics. Aquarius is also the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, and are willing to fight for the causes they believe in.

Sometimes this sign can be a little ahead of their time. They can be innovative and inventive. They have strong and sometimes impractical ideals. You are often drawn to large movements that support great causes. You may also be attracted to mysticism or the occult, or be involved in it in a secretive way. The Aquarian Moon intellect and imagination combines to give them inventive and original ideas, even if they are sometimes a bit unusual. Sometimes they can be geniuses.

This sign is somewhat of a liberal. They also get along with people who think like they do. When this sign gets a little insecure, sometimes they can be a little aloof. Since this sign also has some great ideas at times, the daily mundane tasks of life can sometimes bore them. Their inventive genius is always at work, and so this sign gets bored very easily when it comes to the things that don't really matter to them.

You enjoy your personal freedom and sometimes are happy just having romantic friendships. But of course you have the ability to settle down, usually with a like minded eccentric individual like yourself. Your a curious person and you will take your partner along with you for the ride. You also have an adventurous streak and are willing to try anything new and unusual.

Overall the Moon in Aquarius individual is sometimes emotionally detached from life. Sometimes, they don't seem like they are "all there". But of course, there could be a brilliant genius lurking underneath that cool, calm, (and sometimes weird) surface. You also do well in a crisis because of your ability to detach yourself from your emotions and the situation itself. But your never afraid to tell someone what you think about something, and you do think quite a lot.

zodiac sign pisces the fishes


Moon in Pisces represents an individuals who is driven by their emotions. This sign can be a bit mysterious and there is a dream-like quality about them. They are also attracted to music, poetry, literature and the arts. They love using their imagination, sometimes a little too much. The Piscean Moon sign can sometimes live a little too much in their heads. They have an active fantasy life, and sometimes they do this just to escape from the cold harsh world around them.

Moon in Pisces changes their mind easily. One minute they want one thing, and the next minute they are not so sure. This can make you seem a little unreliable to other people. They question things about the world around them and can be quite intuitive. Sometimes this Moon Sign gets discouraged very easily. When working towards a personal goal, they sometimes stumble and get frustrated with any obstacles that stand in their way. They sometimes give up too easily.

You are a very easy going person, although somewhat shy most of the time. At least, other people sometimes see you that way, or if they don't, it's because your putting on a mask. Deep inside you feel a little insecure and are easily influences by your surroundings and the emotions of other people. On the outside you can appear very happy, but on the inside, there can be deep sadness at the same time. This sign is very prone to depression because of their sensitivity and emotional outlook on life.

Some Moon in Pisces even lack any sense of humor. Sometimes they just take things too seriously, or have a gloomy outlook on life. These doom and gloom periods can lead to a lack of focus in your life, and sometimes dishonesty with others. There may also be a tendency to bury your head in the sand when in comes to making decisions, or give the cold shoulder to a loved one during times of anger. You sulk alone and wallow in your own self pity sometimes. You need to learn not to let things get you down and not to get so discouraged when things don't work out the way that you expect them to. The sun will always rise again tomorrow.

This Moon sign does have a flair for the creative arts. They especially love and appreciate music in some form or another. Whatever activity that a Moon in Pisces individual gets involved in will be done in a very creative and imaginative way. Your deep emotions touch almost everything and everyone, and you are also very romantic as well. This sign can sometimes be a little too emotionally dependent on others in relationships. Sometimes they have a hard time doing things for themselves.

The anxiety that some Moon in Pisces individuals feel can lead them to escape through drugs or alcohol, or other forms of addiction. Sometimes the emotional energy that builds up within the Pisces Moon heart just needs to be channeled in a positive and constructive direction. They can be very successful when they set their mind on something, as long as they don't let the pessimism, self consciousness, or the "poor me" attitude to get in the way. Moon in Pisces is someone who loves very deeply and is deeply inspired by many things. Overall Moon in Pisces individuals are sweet and sensitive, but sometimes self deceiving and sulky.

Does your Moon sign fall on a cusp?

Moon Signs change approximately every 2 1/2 days. The days surrounding the transition of one sign into the next is considered the Cusp. If your birth time happens to fall right on the cusp then you may exhibit similar characteristics with both signs.

Keep in mind that the approximate beginning and end dates of a transition from one sign into the next may vary depending on the source. If you are very close to or on the cusp you might want to check an ephemeris to find out exactly when the moon made it's transition during the time and date in question to ensure accuracy. If your still not sure go with the sign that is the closest to your actual birth time or simply the one that feels most appropriate to you.

Don't Know Your Birth Time?

If no birth certificate is available, or if you are unable to obtain or make an approximation of your correct time or location you were born, there is still hope! A Rectification Chart may help.

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