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Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration and motivation in our lives. Here you will find a collection of motivational and inspirational articles and stories for self empowerment and personal development, courage and creativity, success and inner-strength, hope and encouragment, and advice for finding peace and happiness when dealing with those every day ups-and-downs that life throws our way.

The Way To Stay Inspired

Two years ago I was in a wheelchair and told I would be paralyzed for life. Today I can jog on a treadmill. How did this happen?

Well, I can’t tell you how it happened exactly. My recovery truly was a miracle. But what I can tell you is how important it was for me to stay focused and inspired throughout my recovery.

People tell me my story has inspired them. Let me tell you how to find this inspiration within your own lives.

(1) Believe anything is possible. To overcome obstacles, you have to see your way through to the other side. You have to visualize yourself overcoming them. Draw inspiration from that vision.

(2) Stay focused. Obstacles are not a one-time event in life. When you try to get out of a difficult situation, no doubt you’ll encounter one obstacle after another along the way. Expect it, and discipline yourself to stay focused. Never lose sight of your goals.

(3) Resist the urge to sleep five minutes longer. Who hasn’t hit the snooze button several times in a row, only to realize those extra few minutes of sleep don’t really help? Resist the urge to sleep longer than you need. Life is short enough. Think about what you can do to improve your life if you add a few minutes to each day. Get out of bed, face your obstacles and move closer to your goals with every waking moment.

(4) Don’t stop just because someone tells you to stop. I can’t tell you how many times people told me not to get out of my wheelchair, not to take so many steps, not to balance on one foot, not to try running without a leg brace. But I knew I had to do those things or I’d be in that wheelchair the rest of my life. Your life might be filled with obstacles and your progress toward your goals might be slow. Don’t worry about that. Just realize that by moving ahead when others urge caution, you’ll reach your goals faster than you would have otherwise.

(5) If you’re going to worry about something, worry about improving. People love to worry. Sometimes worrying seems like our favorite pastime. The next time you worry about something, ask yourself what all that worrying is really accomplishing. Then ask yourself how many positive things you could accomplish in the amount of time you spend worrying. When you focus on positive ways to overcome your difficulties, you move closer to a life free from worry. If you’re going to worry about anything, worry about doing more of that!

(6) Believe you can control your situation. Though problems seem to arise despite our attempts to keep them away, we still control our own lives. You might not believe that. If you don’t, it’s because you’ve trapped yourself in your situation and can’t see your way out. You always have the ability to move yourself forward. You just need to believe in your ability and take positive steps to control your situation. It’s not a lack of control that keeps you from moving forward. It’s your inability to see that power within you.

(7) Know that once you give up mentally, you’re beat. If you think you can accomplish something, you will. If you think you won’t accomplish something, you won’t. When I was wheelchair-bound, I suffered a lot of pain and frustration, a lot of wishing that things had been different. But not once did I believe I wouldn’t walk again. Not once! I truly believe God helped me get out of that wheelchair precisely because I never doubted I would walk again. Don’t lose your hope, not even for a minute. You have nothing better to do in this life than to try to overcome your obstacles and reach your goals.

(8) Remember you have one life. Regardless of your beliefs about afterlife and other types of spiritual existence, you’re here right now, in this life, and you only have one shot at it. Why not make the most of it? Don’t waste this life dwelling on problems and hurdles and what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Make the most of this life and the situation you’re in. Spend your time making improvements wherever you can. What could be better than that?

Whenever I speak to an audience or give a radio interview, people tell me they thought their lives were tough until they heard about my situation. That’s not the point. It doesn’t matter if you think my situation is worse than yours, or vice versa. What matters is that I believed I would walk again, and now I can walk. Whatever difficulties you have, believe that you can get through them and you will.

Find inspiration, hold onto it and stay inspired. What could be more important than that?

About the Author: Jay Monteer worked in law enforcement until an accident in September 2001 put him on disability. Now he visits hospital patients and speaks to different groups about the miracle of his recovery. To read more about Jay’s story, visit

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Turning Negative Self-Talk Into Love

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”– Mahatma Gandhi

Your Self-Talk

Have you ever paid attention to the conversations you are having in your head?

Your self talk gives voice to what you believe about yourself, others, the world… All that internal chatter can either help you or hinder you to lead a happier, prosperous life.

Your self-talk echoes the beliefs you have come to accept as TRUE, such as worst case scenarios, things that happened in the past you expect to repeat, and what ifs. If your self-talk is compelling enough, you can scare yourself into action or immobility.

Internally – it is the constant commentary inside your head.

Externally – it is the comments you make about yourself and what’s going on around you to friends, family, and everyone you come in contact with.

Your self talk can be supportive (empowering, makes you feel good) or non-supportive (deflating, makes you feel bad).

When we believe the things we tell ourselves, “It’s going to be too hard. What if I make a mistake? I’m not good enough”, we can feel confusion, anger, fear, stress…. When we believe the negative things we tell ourselves about who we are, we our world might become one of lack, pain, & struggle.

Noticing your internal commentary is an important key in taking steps to change beliefs and create new realities. The more you recognize that you are NOT the story you are identifying with and telling others, you can free yourself to shift into empowered choice and action.

The Power of Language (excerpt from Aligning With Destiny program)

When you become aware of the language you are using unconsciously, you can intentionally choose to shift the energy to a more expansive way of expressing, thus raising your vibrations to align with manifesting what you want.

Common ways we use language to create pain:

Notice how some of the language is creating undesired states of being through violent suggestions and untruths that our bodies. How often do you think and say things that begin with these words? Repeat the words below and feel into your body as you say them out loud.

•   I don’t have time to….
•  I’m starving to death
•   My head is killing me
•   You make me sick
•  This person/situation is driving me crazy
•  “You made me…” (blaming others for your reaction)
•  My life would be better if only…(excuses and rationalizations)
•  I am…
•  I’m the type of person who…
•  I can’t afford to…
•  I can’t…
•  It’s too hard…
•   I’m sick and tired of…

How do you feel? Do the words feel constrictive or expansive?

We manifest what we give the most energy and attention to. If you are using words that create pain and constriction, you will make them your reality.

Shifting Language

Shifting language includes recognizing that how you schedule your time is a choice based on what your valued priorities are in any situation.

Words like NEVER, ALWAYS, and FOREVER are constrictive and imply absolutes. When you find yourself using these words, ask yourself, “Is what I am thinking, feeling, and saying really true?”

Shifting language is simple and powerful. You can start by replacing constrictive, restrictive or untrue language by challenging yourself to align with your truth.

Instead, you can say things like:

•  Sometimes
•  In some situations
•  I have had experiences when
•  In the past…
•  I have found…
•  It’s possible….

Words like: should, shouldn’t, need to, have to, and “supposed to”… create the illusion that you have a lack of choice.

You don’t

How much vitality and joy do you feel when you do things out of guilt, obligation, or shame because you fear negative consequences. You may be afraid of upsetting others or risking the withdrawal of their love and being punished in some way.

The result is a build-up of resentment, anger and frustration that ultimately becomes self-directed.

Shifting into the language of choice opens the flow to receive more of what you want. Repeat the words below and feel into your body as you say them out loud.

•  I choose to…..
•  It’s ok to…
•  I give myself permission to
•  I allow…
•  I want…
•  I get to…
•  I love to…

How do you feel?

Do the words feel constrictive or expansive?

The mind, when directed by Universal Love (God/Higher Power, one’s Spirit) can be an amazing tool for creating a fulfilling and purposefull life, especially when the mind is allowed to be directed by the heart/Universal Love.

Whether you want a thriving business, greater prosperity, vibrant health, a loving relationship, weight reduction….. your thoughts and words are creating your reality all the time.

Start consciously paying attention to your self talk. Is it positively supportive or non-supportive? What are you repeating to others?

If it’s non-supportive, how can you change your language to be more affirming and accepting?

If you saw yourself through the eyes of love as the Divine sees you, how would your self-talk change?

What would love say?

What would love feel?

What would love think?

What would love do?

Energy goes where attention goes. Choose the thoughts and words you wish to be the seeds that sprout in the inner garden of your heart. What you plant today and water every day becomes the flowers or weeds of your future.

Want support to help you remember how amazing and powerfull you are especially when life feels scary?

Thrive like Oprah, Frodo, and Harry Potter with kindred spirits who…

* Feed your heart and support you in building a strong inner foundation to weather any of life’s challenges….

* Want what you want for yourself (and more) and celebrate both your victories and failures without judgment…..

*Help you expand your perspective of limitation to see exciting possibilities you may have missed.. and who invite you to embrace your brilliance…

Love and blessings,


About the Author: Copyright © 2012, Lorraine Cohen. All Rights Reserved. Lorraine Cohen, President of Powerfull Living, is an internationally recognized transformation catalyst for evolutionary change. A gifted spiritual advisor, life coach, healer, speaker and broadcaster with an extensive background in addictions, recovery, emotional trauma, and spiritual guidance spanning more than 25 years, she has guided thousands of people to transform and transcend a painful past to a powerful present and a joyful future. Known for her expertise in shifting fear into POWER, she is passionate about helping people to overcome the limitations of their mind, to know their value, claim their Divine Power. Visit to learn more and sign up to receive her free report, “Five Secrets To Attract Everything You Want.”

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Daily Motivation: What Motivates You Each Day?

Every experience that a person has impacts him or her positively or negatively. All of the positive moments most likely enhance our daily motivation. Daily motivation is what enables us to strive to be better people, to work towards goals, and to lead fulfilling lives.

Setting goals:

Many of us set goals for ourselves. In turn, these goals motivate us to work hard to achieve success. Goals drive an individual's daily motivation. Goals such as getting a Master's degree, having a high-paying job, getting married, purchasing an expensive car, or mortgaging a home drive a person to succeed. When setting a goal, a person must remember that taking small steps to achieve it helps keep up a positive attitude. It is best not to get overwhelmed with attaining a huge goal quickly; but rather one should take small steps to get it done. The desire to accomplish a goal is what keeps people going, even on bad days.


A positive attitude is a source of daily motivation. Believing that one of your goals is too difficult to achieve will eventually prevent you from achieving it. Having a negative attitude will cause you both internal and external stress. A negative attitude will de-motivate you, and put you on the road to failure. To achieve your goals, you must be able to tell yourself that every goal can be attained with hard work. If you tell yourself that you can do it, chances are that you will. Never underestimate the power of the mind. Daily motivation is all about attitude and outlook.


While not all of us are religious, many people who are will agree that religion helps improve daily motivation. Religion can be used as a great motivational tool for people from all walks of life. Religion - no matter what kind - encourages mindfulness and internal motivation. The religious depend on their beliefs to strengthen them mentally.

People often depend on their religion when things are going downhill. Prayer and meditation inspire those who might otherwise turn to drinking, food, or drugs to nurture their spirits. Religion may help some people to be more mentally and physically healthy. Therefore, religion is a positive source of daily motivation.

The desire to live:

Daily motivation also comes in the simple desire to live. Whether children, a job, or money inspires someone to get out of bed in the morning, that person is motivated by something in life.

Even things as simple as nature can motivate someone to maintain a positive attitude about life even when times get hard. A person can take pleasure in nature's beauty by taking time to smell the roses or listen to the birds sing. Studies show that people who live in warmer climates have a more positive attitude about life in general. These same people also have the tendency to go outside and exercise more often. This exercise brings about a sense of inner peace and positive feelings, thus becoming a daily motivation for many people.

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