Creative Visualization For Success

Create what you want, not what you don't want

Creative Visualization can be used to help you achieve any desired result and increase your chances of success in any area of life. In sports, creative visualization is often used by athletes to improve their performance and to achieve a desired outcome before and during a game. For example, a golfer may visualize the "perfect" stroke over and over again to mentally train the muscle memory His focus and confidence can be improved, and his muscles might respond by becoming more coordinated or cooperative in order to achieve the desired result.

The thoughts create the emotions which might effect the actions the golfer takes during the game as well. Positive changes in thinking and feeling can effect the performance and the game itself. It would help the athlete to Visualize the winning situation, not the losing situation. The present and future reality can be changed through creative visualization when it is accompanied by strong and positive emotions. In turn, negative or self defeating thoughts (I can't do it, my opponent is better, my bad knee will effect my game, etc.,) can bring that reality you are aware of into manifestation. Your reality is being created by the intensity of your will.

Negative fear based thoughts and emotions may cause the actual feared or undesirable result to actually manifest itself in some way or another. The athlete's doubt and fear could effect game performance because he/she is focusing on what they don't want instead of what they do want.

If a situtation or event occurs that is beyond your physical control then the most you might be able to do is change your thinking-feeling process. Change your perception and therefore change the way it feels. Even if the game is over and the athlete felt he/she had a poor performance, the self-defeating negative thoughts sometimes continue. The athlete might focus on everything that went wrong instead of feeling that he/she did their best. Since the game is over, the feelings and responses are now pointless so they should really stop beating themselves up over it.

Remember that actions are based on emotional responses to thoughts.

Your thoughts create your emotions which can effect your actions. Actions create change.

The thinking-feeling-action process can apply to any situation and creative visualization can help you to create your desired outcome. Have you ever felt nervous or anxious about something? Everyone at one point or another has probably felt this way before a job interview or before a blind date, just to name a few examples. You've probably been in a situation where you felt fearful or worried about a situation or the outcome of something. If your thoughts are negative your emotions will be negative and your body will respond to this. Your actions might change accordingly; you might decide to not even go though with the interview or blind date. The body responds to your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are made up of energy which can effect the consciousness of other people as well. That job interviewer or blind date who sees your nervousness or lack of confidence will have their own thoughts, which create their emotions, which might effect their actions towards you.

The thinking-feeling-action process can effect future events, and it can even effect the thinking-feeling-doing responses of other people.

Next time you feel self defeating or negative emotions pay attention to your thoughts. Change your thoughts to reflect what you want, and not what you don't want. Use creative visualization by picturing in your mind what you want and how you want it. If fact, it works best to visualize the situation as if it is already happening right at that very moment. The more positive emotions you have during this visualization process the more effect it will have.

Visualize yourself winning the game, succeeding at the job interview, acing the test, having a wonderful date, and so on. Imagine in as much detail as possible what it would look like, feel like and any other physical responses that would be present in the desired situation that you are visualizing. Don't imagine everything that could go wrong. Instead, focus your awareness and intentions on successful and positive thoughts. You'll feel the difference right away. This will change your decisions, your actions, your attitude, and even other people's attitudes and feelings toward you!

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