Creative Visualization: Thoughts Create Reality

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"Thoughts by day. Dreams by night."

By successfully using creative visualization you are recognizing and taking responsibility for what you think, say and do.

Your thoughts and emotions can effect your outlook on life, your decisions, attitudes and beliefs, and the way you interact with the people around you. Your consciousness can effect the world around, shaping the reality that you perceive.

Positive thoughts and feelings create positive energy, and positive energy creates a happier healthier mind-body. When you output positive energy you are not only changing your self, but you are changing the energy of the world around you in a positive way. The same can be said for negative energy.

You've probably heard the expression "you are what you eat".
But it's also true that "you are what you think and feel".
Your reality and your life is shaped by your personal perspective and your perceptions.

The reality that you experience is based on your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Reality creation begins with the thought process. Thoughts create emotions, and emotions can inspire us to make decisions and take actions, leading one to the desired experience or result. This becomes the new reality. The choices you make and the actions you take are based upon the original thought. But just thinking your reality into creation is not enough. Your emotional response plays a very important role in reality creation.

When you desire something in the mind your body responds with emotion. For example, if you desire to have more money, your emotional response might be a feeling of joy whenever your imagine how it would feel to have that money. But negative thinking can lead to self defeating thoughts (I'll never have enough money, I need the money because I'm buried in debt, etc.,) and of course the negative emotional response will follow. Whatever you give emotional energy to is what is manifested into creation.

Thoughts create emotion but emotional energy attracts the experience. But why does this happen and what is actually causing it to happen?

Everything is made up of something. The table, the chairs, the plants, and even the human being and consciousness itself is made up of "something". Everything is made up of energy which occupies space. This measurable field of energy permeates everything within the universe. All intelligent creation is connected through this field of energy and it responds to human emotions. Some scientists have called this energy the "Mind of God" or the "Quantum Hologram".

Even though energy exists everywhere, it operates at varying degrees of frequency. The energy that keeps the table solid is made up of molecules that are vibrating at a specific frequency. The human being is made up of energy and it can vibrate at different frequencies depending on consciousness (thought/emotion).

All energy, including human thoughts, feelings and emotions, have vibrations that create patterns in the Quantum Hologram (the energy field around or outside of you). Positive emotions have a higher vibration. Negative emotions have a lower vibration. Positive thinking creates positive emotions in the body and this raises the vibrations of the energy around it. Negative thinking creates the opposite effect which is negative feelings and negative experiences.

The human DNA sets patterns in the field of energy. Studies have shown that feelings of compassion, understanding, appreciation, and love actually relax the strands of within our bodies. Being exposed to these positive emotions for long periods of time can actually allow the DNA strands to unwind, which allows the individual to access all the genetic options or possibilities for health and life. But anger and frustration tighten the DNA strands, shutting down the body’s ability to respond and heal.

Emotions change the shape of your DNA and change the electromagnetic field of the Quantum Hologram, which is the fabric of our creation. These effects are constantly creating change within the physical world, and within consciousness itself.

There are actually many studies that are being done into the effects of human consciousness on water. Some research even suggests that water itself might contain a form of consciousness.

Water can respond to human thought and emotion at a molecular (energetic) level. For example, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has been researching and exploring water's susceptibility to human words, emotions and thoughts by freezing samples of water that have been exposed to either positive or negative words, emotions and music, and seeing profound results in the molecular(energy) structure of the water. You can watch a short clip from the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know" that demonstrates this concept.

The human heart and brain are constantly communicating with one another. The heart has an energy field of it’s own that extends few feet from the body. To explore the other energy centers of the body you can read about the the Chakras. This field of energy near the heart reflects what we “become" in our hearts as our choices produce feelings and emotions that produce effects in our physical world.

If you can " feel" an experience with your emotions then you can manifest it. If you feel as if something you desire has already manifested then you are co-creating that experience. The quantum hologram is responding to your thoughts and feelings and changing the physical world around you each and every moment whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Sometimes we desire something we think we consciously want, but subconscious mind might be programmed to think otherwise. Your body responds with the appropriate emotions. These emotions are "energy triggers" that effect anything that is receptive to that energy.

You need to become aware of your emotional responses and thoughts that are creating them. When you become consciously aware of these thoughts, intentions and the resulting emotions or actions that follow, then you can begin to experience the changes that are occurring at quantum/energy level and within your own life.

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