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Using Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one's thoughts and expectations---one's 'inner world'. Creative visualization is the basic technique underlying positive thinking, and it operates according to the Law of Attraction.

Creative visualization can be therapeutic and healing. The mind can shape the reality that you experience. You can choose to see the glass as half empty or half full. Whatever you choose will result in the corresponding feelings. Positive thoughts can create positive effects within the body. It just feels good. When you feel good, life is good, and anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

You can use creative visualization any time you want to. You can consciously project your thoughts where you will. You can imagine what you want or you can imagine that you already have it, and feel what it would feel like.

You can visualize yourself having the career you want, the money you need, or the relationship you desire. Imagine it is real, happening right here and right now. Visualize these things as if they are in the process of manifesting, or as if they have already happened in the past. Bring your emotions into the visualization.

Experience the positive emotions of the situation, see the images playing in your minds eye, unfolding in explicit detail. If you want to go deeper into the visualization then create an entire situation or sequence of events in your inner vision complete with physical sensations, and become fully aware of each scene playing out like a movie on a screen. Try to have the perspective of being "in" the movie, instead of just the observer watching it.

When you become aware of your thoughts, don't just let them run on auto pilot (especially if they are negative!), change the thoughts into positive ones that will allow you to feel what it is you want to feel. You don't have to feel something you don't want to. You are in control.

The more you practice creative visualization the quicker you will start to notice your intentions subtly manifesting on the physical plane. Obstacles can be turned into opportunities this way. Start out your day by visualizing how you want the day to go. Imagine yourself moving though each event, interacting with the environment and other people, and see yourself and them as you wish to see them. Experience what you want as if it is happening already.

Visualization practices are a common form of spiritual exercise, especially in esoteric traditions. In Vajrayana Buddhism for example complex visualizations are used to attain Buddhahood. Additionally, visualization is used extensively in sports psychology

Practicing relaxation techniques, meditation, and balancing blocked chakras can also help clear the mind of the negative clutter if you are not experiencing results from your creative visualizations. In fact, many meditation techniques use visualization as a way of relaxing or focusing the mind in order to achieve a desired conscious state, or physical effect.

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